innovative all terrain

auto stop for convenience  safety

take baby’s safety into your own hands! the sport stroller’s hands-free auto stop brake allows for unpredictable parenting moments without the risk of your stroller rolling away. attend to another child or search through your handbag with confidence  convenience, knowing you baby will be safe.

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all terrain air filled tyres

glide to your destination with 12” air filled tyres to smooth out bumps in the road - we know it’s not a flat world!

ready to go?

close up of sport rear wheel

newborn ready lie flat

With 28% more seat height than leading competitor strollers, sport gives your child room to move. The taller seat means baby can lie flat for longer in their cocoon carrycot, providing longevity of use (and value for money!).

try it yourself!

sport in newborn lie flat position side view

parent facing double kit

we invented the double kit   now it can face you! Convert your sport double kit into a rear facing seat   bond with baby as you stroll. the all-new design includes a moldable head   neck support, one hand seat recline   a sun cover to provide shade   privacy for your baby in the back seat.  so get inline!


easy to pop up  over kerbs

pop up   over kerbs like they’re not even there!
phil teds clever engineering means less force is required to maneuver over all terrain, in   beyond the city. lock the front wheel straight for rough terrain, or switch to swivel for ultimate manoeuvrability.

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push sport buggy up and over sidewalk curb

clever features


one hand compact 
fast fold


only 59cm/23" 


safe easy 5-point harness 
with one touch release


follow the sun 


hard wearing 600D 
sporty fabrics

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