travel bag - smart/verve/vibe

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All the protection your buggy deserves! Fold buggy away for in-flight pack down. 

Not currently available in this region.

This travel bag is compatible with:

  • smart
  • verve
  • vibe 

This travel bag is fully enclosed, it is not trundle-capable with buggy wheels on the outside.

Ordering accessory nightmare


Unfortunately Phil & Ted do not have a supportive UK office. Their payment system did not process my payment correctly and so I put the order through a second time but it resulted in two duplicate orders. Three weeks later I am still struggling to get a refund and the products returned at their cost. Getting hold of their New Zealand office to discuss it was difficult and then I finally was sent the UK office number but they haven't returned my call. From a hugely frustrated and dismayed customer.

Verve Travel Bag


Speedy delivery, received within a few days. Great durable quality, definitely what we need to protect our pram whilst traveling overseas. Small negative, no instructions in the box how to get the pram into it. Took a few goes, all wheels needed to be removed.


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