legacy smart parts

  • smart 2 frame 1200 x 1200 no wheels

    smart v2 frame

  • maintenance kit for all your phil and teds buggies

    maintenance kit

  • 50% OFF Smart-2-Candy-Floss-Hood

    smart sunhood

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  • 50% OFF Smart-2-bubblegum-blue-seat

    pre-2016 smart seat

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  • Last chance! smart mesh seat front view

    smart mesh seat fabric

    fabric only
  • 50% OFF Smart-2-candy-floss-liner

    smart stroller seat liner

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  • PT-PSPT__.jpg

    smart parcel tray

  • SMVR_V1_9999.jpg

    smart verso

    rear facing seat adaptors
  • PT-PKSSP__.jpg

    smart shoulder pads

  • PT-PKSRG__.jpg

    smart rear wheel guards

  • PT-PKSFFW__.jpg

    smart front wheel

  • PT-PSRA__.jpg

    smart rear wheel axle

  • PT-PKSFLL__.jpg

    smart frame lock lever

  • no image available

    universal frame lock strap

  • SPpuller__.jpg

    zip puller

  • PT-PKSHF__.jpg

    smart handle bar foam

  • PT-PKSH__.jpg

    Smart harness webbing and Male clips