"It really was sooo easy to install. OK, I must admit I didn’t actually install it myself. I get an allergic reaction to instruction manuals (I get all pink and blotchy and start seeing red whenever I read a phrase like “Insert part 5e into slot y while depressing the widget located on the plane marked g – see diagram page 15″) so I delegated the job to my husband. In fairness to phil&teds, their instructions are perfectly clear but Dion didn't even need them, because the seat practically installed itself... I’m also loving phil&teds’ trade-marked SideShell protection – wings made of shock-absorbing foam, which protect the head and neck in a side impact crash and also make a nice comfy headrest... I’m sure my son will like the recline mode “for ultimate comfort”, and the removable cup holder, which will hopefully reduce the need for me to take one hand off the steering wheel to rummage blindly around the floor searching for an errant drink bottle." - Ruth Hill

Watch Dion and Harold from easily install the phil&teds cocoon travelfix car seat into their vehicle.

Wolf in Cocoon Travelfix booster car seat

"Empty nest syndrome? Not really – but it is my baby’s first week of school! 

With my husband and I now sharing the drop off and pick up of the kids, we realised we really needed to get a second car seat for Wolf so that we didn’t need to keep leaving his  phil&teds columbus  car seat at school everyday. Wolf has loved his booster car seat so we thought about getting the same again, but decided to try out their cocoon travel fix instead as it will last Wolf right through until he is out of a booster, growing to 12 years old if needed! When it arrived we were blown away by how stylish it is! But not only that, it is made from the softest material, or as Wolf puts it – “Mummy this is the super most comfy seat ever”. Wolf now has a new favourite car seat which he says is “like a racing car seat”." - Ana, Mum of 3