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testing, testing, testing

All our products undergo a rigorous testing programme. Annually we conduct over 500 tests.  
It tends to keep us kinda busy! 

We test for stuff like toxicity, environmental consideration, flammability, safety hazards, durability, functionality, usability, labelling and instructions on all our products.

All this testing means that we meet requirements in all 50 countries worldwide in which we sell our products. We want to ensure peace of mind - that's why we also carry out on-going testing, in the factory and field, as things can change and we don't want to miss anything.

Sometimes our products get tested by mistake when wheels fly off trucks and buggies get hit proving that our buggies really do save lives!

Not a lot of people know that:

  • our buggies are tested for 400kms/250 miles on variable terrain for 80 plus hours
  • our traveller can cope with frame loading equivalent to 90kg/200lbs
  • a weight of 18kg/40lbs has been dropped into each of the metro and escape seats 49,900 times.   Phew – exhausted? We are!

Overly soft sleep surfaces are a risk for SUDI/SIDS - we reduce the risk!



And it would appear that we’re ahead of the game again!

A recent study revealed that overly soft sleep surfaces are a risk factor for Sudden Unexpected Death of Infant (SUDI), also known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Firm mattresses are recommended by the experts as well as putting your baby to sleep on their back. However, until now there has never been an appropriate ‘firmness’ specification but thanks to a new standard (AS/NZS 8811.1:2013) this is due to change.

We’re pleased to report that all our mattresses in carrycots, portacots and stroller liners have already been tested against the new standard and all passed with flying colours - giving you further peace of mind that we’re doing our part in keeping your children safe.
Keep an eye out for this badge - a little reminder of a safe sleep surface!

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