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Early Model Explorer and Hammerhead Buggies - Free Frame Swap

We’re always seeking ways to improve the function and safety of products through our continuous innovation programme, and when feasible to do so we make those improvements available to owners of older versions of the product.

A recent development through that programme has been an improved mechanism for fitting brakes to our Explorer and Hammerhead buggies. Whilst the previous construction (Series 1) passed all safety certification, testing of the new construction has shown it to be significantly more durable.

We implemented the upgrade in production some months ago, creating ‘Series 2’ Explorer and Hammerhead buggies, and are undertaking an initiative to make the new, improved brake available to owners of Series 1 (pre January 2011) Explorer and Hammerhead buggies identifiable by serial numbers between 0610/0001 and 0111/4788. Each number is generated in date/serial format MMYY/XXXX, for example 0610/0001 = June 2010/0001.

The decision to make the new Series 2 brake available to Series 1 owners is a measure that we think is appropriate after recording higher than normal warranty repair levels to Series 1 Hammerhead and Explorer buggies, and reports of users choosing to continue using damaged product, which of course presents a potential safety risk.

Our solution is a simple frame swap that can be implemented either at home or at a phil&teds base.

We ask that you identify if your buggy is within the serial range above. If it is we advise that you fill out our explorer/hammerhead free frame upgrade form (see below).

Should you have any queries at all please feel free to  contact  one of our trained customer service representatives.

NOTE: this only applies to pre-January-2011 Explorers and Hammerheads; it does not apply to newer Explorers and Hammerheads which already have the Series 2 brake; nor does it apply to any other model of phil&teds buggy.

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