Product registration, your warranty & right of return

30-day Return Policy

If the product purchased is really not what you expected then good news; it may be returned within 30 days at your cost, to the shipping warehouse, for a refund of the item cost if returned unused, in original packaging and able to be returned to stock for sale to someone else for full price (as assessed by the warehouse team). The cost of the item will be returned to you in the same manner of your payment. We do not refund 3rd party costs such as freight. Consumers in some regions may also have other rights under the relevant local law.

how to return a product

File details of your return  here.  Thereafter, we will be in touch with instructions and address details for your local warehouse.

Please retain your Proof of Purchase.

Only the original owner is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and must have purchased the product from an authorised Mountain Buggy dealer.

product registration - get covered!

We know how exciting new toys can be, but amidst all the buzz don't forget to  register your product  with us!

Registration fast tracks the process if you need to make a claim, if there is a product recall or product safety upgrade in future. When you register  here   WE GIVE YOU a 2 year warranty (1 year extension) providing you have registered within the first 12 months since original purchase date. And we’ll ping you with annoyingly helpful offers (unless you ask us to stop) such as the option to purchase a 3 year extended warranty. Then you can tick the “opt-out-of-offers” box. You’ll also get information and news (unless you’ve opted out) from us, which we’ll try to make really relevant to you, to help you escape the nursery jail :)

rights & remedies

All of our products are warranted for one year from date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship. 

If we agree that the product has such a defect, we will repair or replace it (at our sole discretion) free of charge for you. 

A repair may mean we will send you a repair kit or components which you can fit yourself. Don't worry - we’ll only ask you to do it if it’s easy!

what we need from you

All claims must be accompanied by a sales receipt to verify the date of purchase.

Please retain your Proof of Purchase.

Only the original owner is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and must have purchased the product from an authorised phil&teds dealer.

what is not covered under warranty?

Our warranty does not cover claims resulting from misuse, abnormal use, overloading, general wear and tear including cuts and tears, child outgrowing product, not following instructions, transportation damage (including airline or freight), lack of maintenance, negligence, fading, tyre punctures or corrosion as a result of environmental conditions. Modifying a product invalidates the warranty.

The warranty is ‘return to base’ and not a free in-home service. This means you'll need to return the product to us for service.

Please note that the returned product must be unused and in the condition in which it was received (no damage, no scratches or scratches, with the original stickers, instructions, guaranty cards and all other trailers and packaging). Of course, the product may have been removed from packaging. You may have costs if the product is damaged.

If your product is outside the warranty period or terms, we will happily repair your product for a reasonable charge.

who do you contact?

If you wish to make a warranty claim, please do so  here


Any consequential loss or damage to any person or property directly or indirectly as a result of using product is expressly excluded.

The warranty is only valid in your country of purchase (because product specifications differ country to country).

Please note that tyres, inner tubes and rubber hand grips are not covered by warranty, except for out of box instances of failure.

general care instructions

Please note that tyres may mark floors or cause stains, so take care to fold when indoors or storing for long periods. Care for your products with regular cleaning, and keep dry to avoid corrosion or mould.