12 inch inner tube set (bent valve)

12 inch inner tube set (bent valve)



Product Code: PT-PTubeBVset_

2x spare or replacement inner tubes for the wheels of your phil&teds® stroller.

This set comes with a bent valve, making them preferable for wheels that require this shape. 

We recommend checking your buggy prior to purchase in order to ensure you have the correct tubes. 

Note is it possible to use either valve type in any phil&teds® wheel - however the correct valve will offer better ease & convenience when inflating.

Need to buy tubes with straight valves? Find that part here

The inner tube can be replaced by deflating the existing inner tube and removing this as well as the tyre before replacing with your new inner tube, fitting the tyre and then inflating the new inner tube with a manual hand pump. Be sure to inflate your new inner tube only to a maximum of 20-22 psi.

Need a pump? Find our maintenance kit here 


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