multiple colors

cushy ride double kit seat liner

wow! features:

  • ultra plush & comfortable
  • extra cush for their tush!
  • adds colour & flair to your stroller (more wow! features below)
Light Blue
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Mustard Yellow
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USD24.00 Low stock. Ships now
USD24.00 In stock. Ships now

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cushy ride seat liner for phil&teds double kits, highpod high chair, smart stroller and sub 4 jogger. 


more wow! features:


  • safety harness compatible


a universal fit with many other brand strollers - we're good like that!

firm sleep surface approved:

A new standard is being introduced to address the association between mattress firmness and the risk of SUDI/SIDS. 

Read more about the new standard  here

  • cushy ride Yellow

    cushy ride main seat liner