e3 twin parts

  • maintenance kit for all your phil and teds buggies

    maintenance kit

  • snug attachment bracket set (legacy models)

    face-to-face & snug attachment bracket set

    for s4 & older model strollers
  • E3Tsl3__.jpg

    e3 twin double seat fabric

  • e3 twin navy gear tray

    e3 twin parcel tray

  • inner tube set for stroller wheels

    12 inch inner tube set

    includes 2x inner tubes
  • Phil and Teds 12 inch stroller tyre set

    12 inch tyre set

    includes 2x tyres
  • E3bfms5v2__.jpg

    e3 v2 mesh backflap

  • Harness shoulder pads

    harness shoulder pads

  • SPHPADS__.jpg

    harness shoulder pads

  • E3JBC__.jpg

    front wheel J-bar cap

  • E3HC_V1_9999.jpg

    wheel hubcap

  • SPpuller__.jpg

    zip puller