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WINNER! Of a Prima Baby Award, 2015

Our lobster travel high chair was awarded a Silver medal in the Best Travel High Chair category of the Prima Baby Awards, 2015! Here's what Prima Baby had to say about lobster:

"A highly portable alternative to a highchair, the Phil & Teds Lobster booster seat is designed to clamp onto a range of everyday surfaces and the pop off and fold down ready to be stored into it handy bag.

Our MFM review who has a "kitchen the size of a rabbit hutch" finds this booster seat invaluable and it scored highly with  our Prima Baby Panel as it's light but strong, safe and easy to store." - Prima Baby Awards

"Space is extremely limited in our apartment, so I was dreading having to add a bulky highchair to the mix. The hook-on Phil & Teds Lobster Highchair solved our space problem while keeping my tot comfortable at meal time. I particularly loved how high it placed him at the table." 

Rebecca Gruber ( United States)

Best Travel Product 2015

the phil&teds lobster is winner of the 2015 Smallish award for Best Travel Product. The seal of approval for meals on the move y'all! 

"Now that we own a portable highchair our daughter is always part of the mealtime fun. We take it everywhere- to friend’s houses, on vacation and to restaurants. 

(Lobster) is for sure a popular US option and after owning it for about two months it’s obvious why. The Lobster, like the Pod has a very durable frame, this one made of brushed stainless steel. The fabric used for this product is thicker and more padded than the Pod and comes with a much more functional 4-point harness for keeping your baby put... A huge bonus with the Lobster, the fabric does remove from the frame!" 

"Lightweight, compact and super easy to use, the Lobster literally has two 'claws' that clamp onto any table top, which makes it a favorite for travel." - The Bump

The Bump


A Must-Have for Airline Travel and More!

"The award-winning travel chair’s claws clamped nicely on my relative’s breakfast bar so my girls had their own place to eat for the few days we were away. I can see how fabulous the lobster would be for any camping or other travel outings since it attaches to most tables or bench tops.

I love the fact that the fabric used on the lobster is washable and durable. The fabric can slide right off the frame for a hand wash. There’s a removable table-tray that slides in between the two clamps protecting the actual table from any spills. Or I suppose if your child is sitting at the picnic table or at a restaurant, it would keep the germs from the actual table getting on your babe’s food. I’m strongly considering keeping my lobster in the car in case we stop in at a restaurant – we all know how filthy some of the restaurant high chairs can be, don’t we?

I’m so grateful to have had the phil & teds  traveller  and lobster for my travel adventures with my two daughters recently. I stressed myself out enough thinking about all the what-ifs and all the items that I’ll have to take to the airport (car seats, stroller, playpen, suitcases, etc. and oh – I also had my cat to take too!) that having such compact, reliable and safe baby travel gear was such a relief!"

lobster portable clip on high chair

"The lobster travel high chair is a baby product I cannot live without.  Not to mention, EVERY time I take it out in public I get asked, "where can I find one?" I figured if there are this many mommies who don't know about it, it's probably worth writing about, so here it is :)
A mommy buddy of mine told me about Phil&Teds travel lobster highchair about 4 months ago. It's a portable highchair that is a must have for any parent on the go. Definitely put this on your baby registry! I can't tell you how many times the lobster has come in handy, whether we're doing a weekend trip or going out to dinner. The lobster is small, easy to carry and folds up flat into a purse. What Momma doesn't love something that looks like a purse?" - Modern Moni

WINNER! Best Hook On Travel High Chair

Our lobster high chair was judged Best Hook On Travel High Chair in the Mom Trends Must-Have Awards, 2014! 

"There are lot of hook-on high chairs on the market, but the philandteds Lobster easily won our top award. Most importantly, it packs down flat – key for a high chair you’ll be traveling with – and stows away in its included storage bag. The Lobster weighs just 3.9 lbs, but its durable fabric holds babes up to 37 lbs., is easy to wipe off, and removes easily for hand-washing out more serious messes. A 4-pt safety harness keeps wigglers in their seat and the high chair can be used with or without the included food tray. One of our favorite features of the Lobster high chair are the clamps which are easy to use and have an amazing range from 0.8″ up to 3.75″, letting you use the high chair on thin dining tables up to extra thick tables at the park. At home or on the go, the hook-on Lobster high chair makes mealtime with baby a breeze." - Mom Trends

Charlie Brown in his lobster high chair

"This is Charlie Brown enjoying his first Halloween at 9 months old. He got to sit at the big kids table and watch them carve Jack O Lanterns (while chewing on the tops). He loved being part of the action and its something a regular high chair couldn't give him. We were visiting a friend who has a less baby friendly space (along with an open pool in the backyard) so this way Charlie was safe and strapped in - not crawling into danger. He got to enjoy the festivities and I enjoyed a glass of wine while catching up with old friends, stress-free." - Tasmin, Mum to Charlie Brown

Score: 4/5.

We’ve recommended this great piece of baby equipment to scores of friends since we bought it – and people always comment on it when they visit our house.

The clip-on high chair lets you attach it to many tables and breakfast bars, then folds down flat for transport.

Its aluminium frame has two ‘lobster’ claws that clamp onto the table, and are designed to hold children up to 17kgs (37lbs) – about age three. Hubby wasn’t convinced it looked safe when we bought it so tried balancing his own weight on it – it didn’t even wobble so must be pretty sturdy! The body of the highchair is made of fabric and has a five-point harness.

The manufacturers say it’s designed for use from six months. We’ve been using it from four months, using a folded towel to pad the base and backrest so the baby can see over the top. Unlike a solid highchair, the fabric makes it much harder for babies to try and climb out – a definite bonus in our house.

The real joy of it is it takes up no space in the kitchen or dining room – there are no highchair legs to manoeuvre or try and stack out of the way.

Consumer review

"We use this chair for every meal with our 9 month old. It's ideal for families with small living spaces (like us) because it eliminates the need for a high chair. Perks: Safe. Deep seat keeps the child very secure. Great for the kid. He/she feels included at the family table. Terrific for restaurants because it collapses and has its own travel bag. Excellent for camping. Fits on all picnic tables. Sturdy. I have highly recommended this product to many people I know. Tip: Get the Lobster so that the clamp fits on thick tables and counters. We've only been to one restaurant where the table was too thin to accommodate the larger clamps." - BC Mama

Consumer review

"We use this chair as our only highchair for our 13 month old and we've had it since he could sit up at 5 months. I love that it doesn't take up any floor space like a traditional highchair. We've only brought it out with us a few times because mostly everywhere we go has highchairs but I like that we have the option to bring it with us." - Caitlin

Consumer review

"We do not go anywhere without our Lobster! Everywhere we take it, we get remarks at how wonderful a product it is! We love that it adjusts to fit a variety of tables with the easy to use clamp system... just twist to a secure fit! As a mother, I appreciate being able to sanitize the Lobster and know that my child is using something clean. We love the tray that slips into place, and doesn't budge! This makes us feel better when we leave a restaurant and we've left a reasonably clean table! When we leave the house, we make sure we have everything we need... Carseat? Check! Diaper Bag? Check! Lobster? CHECK!!! LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I recommend it to ALL of my friends who are new parents." - Bearcublove

Consumer review

"I bought the lobster when my son was 4 months old. We traveled with it across country and used it on regular outings. We now have another child and the chair still looks brand new after 3 years. The chair is simple to set up, clean and take down. There is no assembly and the chair easily fits back inside the carry bag that comes with it. The seat is very deep and a generous size. we have not had any issue attaching the chair to tables at restaurants, as long as the table is flat underneath. It fits perfectly in booth tables too. We are able to have the baby inside the booth instead of at the end of the table where a high chair would go. We are very happy with this chair and would buy it again." - BeccaAK

Consumer review

"We are using this seat for our infant who is 6 months old. She is our third child & I wish we had this product to use with our other two children. We have used it out in restaurants mainly & once at a friends house. It easily attaches to the table & you don't have to worry about germy restaurant highchairs. The only concern is that the baby sits close to the table & if they flop forward, the will hit their head on the table. The Lobster is very easy to carry, it is lightweight & folds nice and flat for easy storage & transportation. It is good for occasional use, I would not use this as an everyday solution for feeding." - Jessica

Consumer Review

”We've been getting great use from our Lobster this week with these hot sunny evenings in Wellington - sitting around the outside table, our 11 month old daughter has enjoyed being right IN the action. She loves being at the table with her brothers and parents, eating together and checking out she's not missing out on any goodies. Of course it's covered in food already, but easily fixed with a wipe down. Ariana has put it to the bounce test, jiggling up and down as she hurls food all directions. That girl doesn't sit still, but she's happy and secure in her rightful place at the head of the table. The lobster is quick to set up - flick down the 'claws' and screw 'em tight. It now lives in its handy carry bag on a hook by the back door ready for outdoor meals. I'll also be packing it for our summer holiday.” - Gina, Mum of 3

Gina ( New Zealand)

"I love my phil&ted's metoo, and would probably keep that one under my stroller because it weighs less at 2.2 lbs, but I'd keep the Lobster permanently attached to my dining table!" - Rebecca Gruber

Rebecca M Gruber