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Slip-on & off cup holster for smaller thirst quenchers!

*designed to attach to any current model (manufactured 2010 onwards) buggy with cup holder lug at the handle, excluding the promenade

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handle screws kit/cup holder lug kit

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The stroller cup holder is HOT! because:

  • holster attaches to discrete cup holder lug at the handle of your buggy
  • keeps smaller thirst quenchers at your fingertips
  • designed to attach to any current model (manufactured 2010 onwards) buggy with cup holder lug at the handle, excluding the promenade
  • for larger thirst quenchers or alternative model buggies choose the thirsty work bottle holder



Waste of money. Doesn't fit any take away sized coffee cups.

great to have coffee on the go


I was so happy to finally get this cup holder to make coffee and pram and baby on the go easier :)
Only problem. . It's very loose on pram.. I wish it would fit tighter.. we collapsed pram and lost it.
One day of use :(

Instructions plz


Hey guys. I can't seem to find instructions on how to install this on my dash help plz

Useful but falls off


Bought this and lost it within the first week as it drops off to easily so when collapsing pushchair it's a bit of a liability so have not replaced

holds SHORT cups


This does what it is advertised to do. It holds a sippy cup (or similarly short, narrow bottle) like a champ. The cup holder is very short, as the picture shows. I tried putting my life factory glass water bottle in and its way too tall. I can prop it up against the sun shade but have to keep catching it as it slowly pivots down. I would NEVER put a coffee cup in here, even a small one since the cup holder is way too mobile and pivots too easily. Not only would it make a mess of your stroller but it would pour coffee all over the kid in the jump seat. It is better than nothing since this stroller has zero storage (also something I knew when I bought it), but it could be improved by making it deeper.

Used daily for dog walks - does the job!


Having previously purchased the Universal Bottle Holder - with absolutely NO success...I would STRONGLY recommend this Phil & Teds Buggy Cup Holder instead. I use this daily when walking my dog with either a 500ml water bottle or my reusable hot drink bottle (which I bought when out with buggy to fit the holder) or when walking in town etc. with a hot chocolate/coffee etc. I am yet to find a general drink it does not hold (obviously except bottles that are too large - wide based 750ml/Litre bottles) and would only say it means you have to buy 'slightly' smaller bottled water/reusable bottle to fit into it, because the Buddy Cup Holder is slightly smaller overall than the Universal Bottle Holder. I was worried bottles would fall out of the smaller holder, but so far so good (unless on very rough terrain - tree stumps etc...like to see any holder manage that) and my daughter is now 21 months.

Not functional or safe


This slides on a small hook on the side of the stroller but it is not a secure/tight fit. So, it can get knocked off easily and jostles around a bit when the stroller is in motion. Not a good combo with the double seat as it can spill on the child below. Also, the size of the holder is larger than a starbucks coffee cup. So the cup does not sit securely in the holder but instead gets jostled around as well when the stroller is on the move. Extremely poor design and unsafe when used with the double seat.



I purchased this a few months ago and I absolutely love it. It makes shopping and coffee on the go so much easier. Would definitely purchase this again in a heart beat.

Great cup holder that doesnt fall off


This holds small bottles and coffee cups, ok, its not going to hold your 750ml bottle or a 1L but it does the job perfectly for smaller (I would say up to 500ml) bottles/cups AND it doesnt fall off, good item at a good price!

not happy


I bought this a month ago and wouldnt recommend it. It was a loose fit and kept falling off. Couple of times even with a hot cup of coffee in it. Lucky it never spilled on my newborn. It has now fallen off somewhere in a carpark and I didnt notice until I got home. So after all that I dont have a cup holder :-(



For the stroller to be such a great engineering feat, wondering why they made this cup holder wobbly and unable to hold normal 12-20 ounce bottles. You gotta wedge something with the bottle for it to be snug however even that won't prevent the assembly from flipping over due to the shoddy connector. $15 bucks wow.

Easy to use


I like how easy this cupholder is to use- drink is easily accessible & I like that it is also easy to take off when you don't need it.

Disappointed and frustrated!


I bought the buggy cup holder about a month ago under the impression that I did not need the adaptor kit since I have a 2010 sport v2. However after getting the piece and trying to install it I realized I would need the adaptor. I thought this would be no big deal and easy to order, but was severely disappointed that this part is "not available in my region". ( I live in Vancouver bc canada) Now I'm stuck with a useless buggy cup holder that I've spent money on.

For large cups


Very wide, not fantastic for small bottles or regular coffee cups. An insert to allow for this (or sized product) would make it more useable.

Not good for hot drinks


I have the dot and this cup holder swings when clipped on and a hot drink would just spill all over baby/toddler underneath

Must have!


Perfect for my morning coffee or a water bottle!



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