highpod extra large food tray

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Snack attack! Extra large food tray for your highpod™ high chair.

Not currently available in this region.


The highpod ™ high chair is HOT! because:

  • a must have for hearty appetites & food fight enthusiasts!
  • adjustable & removable
  • dishwasher safe
  • extra large at 30.5x52cm (12x20.5")

what a difference!!


I bought the extra large tray as I found the tray it came with to be far too small and totally impractical-the new tray has made meal times so much easier with less food making its way to the floor and is also easier to clean now. It attaches to the original tray and is very sturdy and secure. Best buy yet!!!

Great size extra large food tray


I brought this a few weeks ago and I am very happy with my purchase the food tray is a great size and i like that it has two cup holder slots on each side of the tray. I haven't used the extra large tray as yet but I am looking forward to using it as soon as baby gets to the stage of learning to feed herself.



I can't believe we waited this long to get this tray! I love my highpod but the tray that comes with it was not my favourite... this tray changes the game completely! I only wish it came standard with the high pod.

Great for messy eaters!


My son is a messy eater and loves to drop food on the floor, but this tray helps to minimize messes! It's easy to clamp onto the main tray and easy to wash. It also came super fast - I think it arrived just one day after I ordered! We love the entire Highpod chair and definitely recommend it.

An essential extra


Very handy and much bigger than the standard tray easily fitted and good sturdy quality

Wonderful addition to the high chair!!


We've been using the tray for about 2 weeks. It is wonderful. We use it with our 30 month old ans meals are busiee now. The two spots for drinks are great. And it does clip well to the previous tray and stays. We are really happy with our purchase!

Love the design


I just bought this chair, I haven't use it yet, but I heard that is hard to clean straps, cause these aren't removable, if this true?, if so what do yall recomend we do to keep clean?, and is the baby foot rest included or do I have to buy seperate?

How to make this fit?


I have the high pod high chair and purchased the larger tray but it does not seem to fit over original tray. Help?

Ideal for messy babies!


This food tray was a welcome addition to the highpod high chair we received as a gift from the grandparents when our baby reached high chair years. Our boy loves his food, and making a mess! I'd recommend this accessory.


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