12" rear wheel

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Replacement rear wheel for your phil&teds stroller.

Not currently available in this region.

This wheel comes fully assembled with wheel rim, tyre, inner tube and bearings. The axle  that holds the wheel on to the stroller frame is sold separately. This wheel is compatible with the following stroller models:

  • classic & legacy red classic
  • classic twin
  • sport v1 & v2
  • hammerhead
  • explorer
  • navigator
  • dash

Nothing but Priblems


I bought our stroller about a year ago, and it was a great stroller until I started jogging with it. During the past two months, one of the tires literally exploded in the trunk of my car. Another tire was on the verge of exploding when I found it in the garage with the tube bulging out and the tire displaced off of the wheel. One wheel has been replaced, but the other two need replacing because the plastic has warped and causes the stroller to waddle along as I run. Not to mention it wanders all over when I'm jogging and takes ALOT of energy to keep it on the road.

Wheel construction


We have owned 3 P&T's. Liked the design. Have had repeated problems with the wheels. They frequently need air. This one simply blew after adding air-- just below the required PSI.

Excellent Service


The wheels I bought arrived in great condition very quickly. It's clear they take the time to provide good service for people who shop here.

great product but no instructions


The wheel is great and was exactly what I needed. The only reason I'm giving this a 4 instead of a 5 is that the product came without any instructions, so I had to look up a bunch of videos on YouTube to figure out how to put it on.

Item was exactly as described.


Great thing about P&E's spare parts are that they're easily installed. Bad thing is that they're rediculously expensive for what they are.

Fast turnaround


Exactly as described. Fast shipping. Fit perfectly.

Super easy to install!!


The one thing I love about my stroller is that the parts are super easy to install. A few feels ago I ran over my stroller with my Jeep and the only thing broken was the wheel. I ordered a new wheel and put it on in 30 seconds, and the stroller is as good as new! My old stroller would have been toast and would had to buy a new one!

Great service


Easy to find replacement part on website, easy to order and outstanding service. Had the part at our door in less than three weeks. Thanks we can go for family walks again.

Easily damaged


These wheels are made of soft plastic and don't allow you to pump the tire up past 22psi without blowing out the side of the wheel. You can't inflate the tires enough and it feels like the tires are all low. We've had to replace 2 wheels for the side splitting out. The tires/tubes also get big bulges in them.

Still waiting!


Being asked to do a review on a product that I still haven't received!

Buggy by Phil & Teds


I bought a p&t explorer buggy nearly 5 years ago. We have had so much use from it. We've even taken it overseas on a number of occasions. It is great to know that I can still buy parts for it although this model has been discontinued. It is still going strong and the only reason why I needed a new wheel is that I ran over it with my car!!!

New rear wheel


I bought a new wheel to replace my old one which exploded. I was happy with the service/delivery etc. the reason I needed a new wheel is because the tyre pressure on the wheel and rim is different and my wheel exploded when pumping it up. Might be worth looking at changing this?

Super fast delivery


The sun melted one of the wheel wells of my Phil and Ted Sport stroller. No one could fix it locally. Thank goodness the part had not been discontinued. I purchased the stroller back in 2008! I was so pleased that the wheel fit perfectly, but even more impressed that the delivery was so speedy. Less than 10 days!

Dangerous issues with some parts of this pram.


This is not a review, but a letter to Phil and Teds customer service in an attempt to make contact as all other attempts have failed. I have tried emailing the traditional way and they have never replied despite me reporting an extremely dangerous problem with the design of my pram that recently injured my son (not seriously, but he was in pain and had bruising and a graze to his face). I do not intend to take legal action...but many would. I did everything right, ensuring the pram and all accessories were properly assembled and undamaged when I put him in, but the hood just popped off on one side a sprung with a great deal of force...as it does all the time, but this time it hurt my baby. The pram you made hurt my child due to a design flaw that you know about and you still fail to order a recall on this product? Are you waiting for a child to be seriously injured (the hood attachment narrowly missed my son's eye and it hit him hard enough that if it got his eye he definitely would have required hospitalisation, but it could also cause other head injuries). My two friends with the identical pram have the exact same issue and they've had dangerous near misses with their children being injured also. I've written to you about this and got nothing back. I shouldn't have to consider engaging a lawyer to make you take the time to help me out with a solution before my son is injured again. I wish I'd taken photos of my son's bruise and graze to send you, maybe then I'd get a reply? I should add that this is not a new problem related to normal wear and tear, this problem has been there from when the pram was brand new...which you know, as you recalled this pram for that reason in the UK and issued a small attachment for UK customers to partially address the problem, but not to Australian customers...at least not that I heard about. I require a more satisfactory solution than the small attachment anyway as the hood does, and always has popped off during use, not only when folded.
I have several other design related problems with my pram that I would also like to work with you to find a resolution for, but I need for you to contact me. You have my name and email and I would dearly like to hear from someone without a 'no reply' email who will help me fix these problems before my child is seriously injured.
I have no interest in complaining about general wear and tear issues like the tiny tear in my shopping basket as that's too be expected after a while and is entirely acceptable (and easily fixable by me), nor the slight fading on the top of my hood...these things are quite okay...I'm not just someone who complains about everything. I'm only interested in discussing with you the design issues that risk the safety of a child inside the pram, unrelated to age or wear and tear. Please don't write me off just because my pram isn't brand new anymore....these problems have always been there and are not unique to me, I've just never had any luck communicating with you about them and I learned to live with them....until my baby was bruised and bleeding as a result of a poorly thought out design.

Please take responsibility for this and help me so I can continue to enjoy my otherwise great P&T pram that still has many years left in it and looks almost like new due to more or less good design...with some problems.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you via email.

Very Easy!


We purchased a new tire for our Explorer Sport...shipping was very fast, tire was easy to put on, and we were back jogging in a few days!

Wheels warp too easily & need replacing.


I bought replacement wheels for my P&T Explorer and I'm pleased to say the wheels are excellent....they are round and tyre-like, therefore, they are good. However, the reason I needed to buy them is a little disappointing for a pram of apparently such high quality. The old hard plastic rear wheels themselves (not just the tyre) had warped to the point they were no longer round and the pram could not be pushed straight. It was a very uncomfortable ride for baby too. The pram had only even been used on even ground and the tyres had never been overinflated and the tyre tread was still very deep...nowhere near needing replacement.
I also bought new rear mudflaps as my old ones had snapped off the ultra flimsy clip that holds them on. Unfortunately they haven't improved these and I don't expect they'll last long before they break too.
In addition to this, I had previously emailed P&T with some general questions that were not answered on their FAQs, I emailed twice and never received a reply. I've heard this is fairly common with P&T, perhaps because they are aware their product fails prematurely and is expensive to repair using their parts so they don't wish to engage with consumers?
So, yes my replacement wheels are good, but they're the same as the previous ones that warped when they weren't that old and should have had heaps of wear left in them, so I expect these will go the same. I love that I can get replacement parts, but maybe if the pram only used top quality components as you would expect for the price, then I wouldn't need to be replacing parts so much?
The design of the fold ensures the handle bar and footrest will be damaged when the pram is folded, unfolded and potentially when stored, therefore P&T sell these parts also, however they only sell the handlebar complete, even though it's only the foam cover that gets badly damaged....money grab perhaps? Fortunately my handy hubby has worked out a better solution here for me.
So yes I will buy P&T wheels again when needed, but only because I've already bought the pram & need to maintain it, but I'll won't buy another P&T pram. Great pram for puting baby in and pushing....until the wheels warp, the handlebar degrades, the footrest gets scratched and broken, the mudflaps snap off with minimal use.
The sunshade on the main seat and the doubles kit never stay on and the main seat sunshade has even popped off while my toddler was sitting in the seat and the parts that should attach to the seat sprung off and his hit little face. He wasn't badly hurt....that time, but P&T never replied to my email about this incident. Please be very careful with this and find a way to anchor your sunshade on so it can't injure your precious baby.....or a better idea, just buy another brand of pram.
Although I recommend buying these wheels if you have a pram that needs wheels, I do not recommend the pram in the first place and therefore that reflects in my answers to the following questionnaire even though it's meant to be about the wheels

new tire


We immediately replaced the warped tire and went for a walk!

fast service but not good quality


I am happy with the service after i purchase the 2 wheels but i already contacted u about my purchase but never got a reply
i feel that the wheels arent good quality since its my second wheel that i purchase the rim keep bending which results in a change of
wheel i had my previous stroller for 2 years without changing anything on it as i had a second child i change for a tamdem stroller as its easier to get around but not very happy with the replacing the wheel for the second time as it is already an expensive buy this doesnt make me happy thats why the 3stars review

Pram wheel


I needed a new rim as the original was warped/ damaged causing many flat tyres. After multiple tube repairs / replacements I phoned around locally to see if outlets stocked but they did not have. I finally called phil & teds for a fresh start. Unfortunately it came as a whole wheel and not just the rim so bit more costly but the service was good over the phone and it arrived well. I am back on track with the kids again! Thank you

New wheels


New tyres = easy to move again! Purchasing the new set of wheels has made our pram like new again. I bought the pram secondhand and discovered the front wheel didn't pivot easily and the back ones were bulging when fully inflated. New tyres have made all of the difference!

Awesome customer service!


Great to deal with! A bit of a hiccup on delivery and the representative was quick to help and kept me in the loop. Turns out the problem was with Fed Ex and they did everything in their power to fix the problem instead of leaving me to deal with it even though it had nothing to do with Phil&Ted

Still shipping my purchases to wrong addresses


Delighted the items invoice had my correct shipping address however once they submitted my shipping address to purolator it was WRONG! Delivered again to different address! This is the second time this has happened the first time I never got my replacement item because it was still shipped to the wrong address! This makes me not want to purchase again!

replacement tyre


Purchased a replacement tyre for Explorer pram. New tyre seems fine, although frustrated that original rear tyre failed (pram 4 years old) for no apparent reason.

Rear wheel


I bought this product and have to say it came perfectly as described and the after sale is excellent too

just like new


I got a second hand phil and ted's double stroller and it's been awesome for my two kids. All we needed was a new wheel and it's "just like new!" This thing is built to last! Thanks P&T!

Explorer Wheels


When my daughter bought a double buggy with pneumatic tyres, I thought it was a bad move. It was......
At one point she let the tyre pressures drop, and went out with them at low pressure. Needless to say the kerb edges damaged the rims, creating a weak spot on both of the rear wheels. After pumping up the tyres, the rim bead ripped on the outside edge of those wheels. Considering they're made of plastic, hardly surprising. Another piece of bad design is while the tyres are clearly marked with a maximum pressure of 35 PSI, in tiny little raised lettering on the wheels (difficult to make out) it's marked that the maximum pressure the wheel rims can handle is 22 PSI. Potential for more damage issues there, I feel. Recommendation: Ditch the pneumatic tyres, fit solid tyres instead. Less to go wrong, you see. As it was, had my 2 grandchildren stranded at the roadside while I made my way to them, and even THEN the buggy wheels blew out.

So easy!


I bought this rear wheel and installed it in seconds. I will be getting a spare to keep with me.
The axle was super easy to remove from old wheel.

Does the job!


New wheels arrived today (earlier than I thought they would) and after having fitted them, the stroller moves so freely, no wobble! I assume this is what they should have been like when I bought the pram new, but I thought the wobble was because of the way the tyres were blown up. Turns out they've always had a dent on the rims. I just wish I'd realised while the pram was new and I wouldn't have had to fork out $140...

fast delivery


I was happily surprised at how fast the wheel came to my door. It was easy to change but there was a pin hole in the tube and I ended having to go to Canadian tire to get a new one the following day!

Great reviewes


Fast delivery and everything works. Nothing bad to say. Thanks!

It was amazing


4 days after I bought it...the pram was ready for rock and roll!!!!!!!

Unnecessary replacement


While the replacement wheel is working great the underlying reason that I had to replace the wheel is very frustrating. This is the second wheel that I have had go bad due to the rim warping and no longer holding the tire in place. I would think an altered design or a different material should be used in order to prevent this from happening. Otherwise we have been extremely pleased with our Explorer stroller and it works great for our 3 1/2 year old and our 15 month old using the dual seats.

Fantastic and easy to install.


I had to buy a replacement wheel after rubbing over my pram, happy with the product and how easy it was to replace my broken wheel.

Great help!


Desperately need spare parts to ensure we can use and enjoy our Sport pram in the future again. Order went smoothly :)



This was our third wheel to have to reorder. The rest of the stroller has been wonderful since our buying it 7 yrs ago, but the quality of the wheels has been aggravating.

Mixed feelings


I ordered 1 wheel frame, inner tube and outer tube and was impressed with the delivery speed of 5 working days, especially considering I was notified that the delivery will likely be delayed by a few days due to some issue that was flagged up.

I was then confused when I received the delivery again.

What happens next? I actually live in Finland and was visiting my parents in the UK, which is where both deliveries were made.

Fast service


So happy I went with buying a wheel online and delivered right to my door!!

Doesn't hold air well


The wheel is easy to put on the carriage, but it doesn't hold air well. I find I have to pump it at least once a week- and my daughter is only 18 pounds and it doesn't get so much use. A bit annoying

Order process easy TAT too long


The wheel is like explained in the showroom. Unfortunately I had to wait very long and packaging was quite poorly.

The only reason why I would buy again is if I need a spare part.

Intertube blew


As soon as I put air in it; up to the recommended 22 psi - the intertube blew and the wheel deformed. I have been unable to get a response from anyone to replace.

Round, round baby


The best feature about this 12 inch wheel was it was round. It fitted perfectly as it was identical to the old wheel. However I was disappointed there wasn't a selection of tyre colours to choose from, or the ability to pick a coloured valve cap, so we could really pimp the kids' ride :)

Great stroller, terrible rims.


The stroller is great. It handles well, the kids love it, and it is even cool looking. And I like the real wheels for a smooth ride. But why the terrible plastic rims? The tires bulge out because there is very little lip on the cheap rims. I can figure out why they would skimp on the most important aspect of a good stroller.

Rear wheel blowout . . .


I have had nothing but good to say about this stroller, it is WONDERFUL and I would NEVER even consider getting a different one, that said, I must share a remarkable story, the reason for my having to replace a rear wheel and axel. I was pumping up the tires yesterday and read that on the outside of the tire it says max. 35 PSI . . . the gauge on my pump said 25 when there was a loud POP and the inner tube had cracked the plastic wheel casing and the inner tube was shredded! Upon further investigation I realized that on the inside of the wheel itself it read "Max 25 PSI"!!! Anyway, thats my story and why I rated this particular part 2 stars. Some uniformity in max PSI would have prevented this disaster. Thanks for having replacement parts readily available. I am still VERY pleased with our Phil and Teds experience overall.


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