bumper bar

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Replacement bumper bar (pull bar or grab bar) for your phil&teds stroller.

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This bumper bar is compatible with the following stroller models:

  • classic & legacy red classic 
  • sport v1 & v2
  • explorer 
  • legacy dash (pre-2015 models)
  • s3 
  • s4
  • hammerhead 
  • DOT 
  • navigator 
  • e3 v2

*will not fit on the NEW dash buggy

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Bumper bar


Unfortunately, I must write this review that after only a couple weeks with my new bumper bar that it has broken. My hope is that there is a warranty though and that l can get it replaced. Please let me know if this can be done. Many thanks.

Replacement part


Replacement part , quick & easy excellent service !

Same as last one


It's fine now, but it's just like the last one, which had its covering torn during air travel and then was chewed to bits by a toddler who couldn't leave the tear alone. So, I give it a year...before I'm sure I'll have to replace it again. Wish it was made differently so replacing it wasn't necessary.

Great Service


Always get great service fro Phil and Teds. Prompt and reliable.

Looks great


Perfect for attaching toys, etc to as we walk our little one!

Perfect replacement for our legacy dash


The bumper bar got damaged on our legacy dash coming back from holidays on the plane. I was delighted I could replace it. I didn't think I would be able to get any spare parts for the legacy dash. Buggy looks like new

Great Stroller


We have had this stroller for almost 6 years, and it has been nothing but great! Highly recommend it!

Does job wish there was an all metal option.


Bought because airline broke original bar. Seems less stable than original one that came on my older model. Does the job though. Wish there was an all metal one instead of having plastic attachments.

Broke before I could even use it


The bumper bar snapped off before I could even use it. It was still stored in the car, and he little pegs snapped.



Is this seriously still made out of plastic? I don't want to order a third one just to have it break again. Please please please make these stronger!!!!

Perfect replacement


My wife dropped our P&T out from our Stepwagon's trunk and broke the handle bar. Got a replacement from P&T, arrived in Japan in 5 days including Weekend, open the box md popped it right on. Perfect fit!!

Just what I needed


I bought a Phil and ted stroller from offer up and it was missing the bumper bar.. I was happy to see the website offered an affordable replacement! Now I have a place to attach toys for my little guy to play with!

Breaks super easily!!


It literally broke while in the back of my van! We love the stroller but have barely used it and the bar is already broken!!! Maybe they shouldn't use plastic!!??



I have wait only one day to have my pram like new :)

Same as my original one


After reading the reviews I was hesitant to purchase a replacement bar for my Navigator V2 (red handle brake). I looked everywhere for an equivalent replacement but had no luck so eventually purchased it.
When it arrived I was surprised to find it was exactly the same as the original one! Maybe the previous reviewers had older prams but I'm completely satisfied with this.
I've never had an issue with my bar and it only broke because I forgot to remove it when packing it in a travel bag for a flight.

Easy to use


I purchased the mesh uv cover and rain cover for the Sports stroller. Both covers are extremely easy to attach to stroller and very good quality.

Wish I hadn't had to buy it...


I bought the bumper bar because ours broke for the second time since we bought it less than two years ago. The first time, it was covered under the warranty. Also had to replace the wheel covers. Bought the because it's cheaper than buying another double stroller, but I definitely won't be recommending this stroller to anyone.

So adaptable!


We love our stroller. We've got a toddler and an 8 month old and the functionality of this stroller makes our lives so much easier! Especially when we are in the city for the day and one needs to nap. My only complaint is that it's heavy getting in and out of a car but still worth it. I also had to change an order after ordering a part that I thought I had lost and customer service jumped right on it. Very impressed.

Great product


I bought the bumper bar for my Phil & ted pram, it didn't have a bumper before so I was hoping that it would be easy to fit, and it was, I just had to pop out the plugs in the end of the pram frame and click the bumper bar straight in. It is a very solid and strong accessory. I love the soft squishy finish on the bumper, it gives my daughter something to play with, she loves it!!

Exactly what it says


Works beautifully, gives our toddler something to hold onto instead of strapping her in. Very happy with this item. Wish it worked when the second seat was on top though... Maybe we just haven't worked it out yet.



I purchased replacement parts, was easy to use, exactly as described. would purchase additional parta as needed.

Fragile item


This is gonna be my third one. The original was broken at the airport, as I didn't detach it for check-in. It was already broken when we took it back from the conveyor. The second time was partly our mistake as we tried to lift up the stroller over the stairs with 2 toddlers inside. Generally, the item is too fragile but, what can we do? We do not have alternative for this, right, unless we change the stroller :p

Tire replacement


Everything came in great time and all together. We love our double dot stroller! It's been the best stroller that I've had in double and or single for my daycare. I just wished u could make a non potable tire like my city mini GT that we take on holidays. Last holiday we went on with the dot the tire popped the first day so had no stroller for 10 days!

Replacement Bar


I bought this to replace the original bar that I unfortunately lost while loading my toddler in the car. It's a lot cheaper quality then the original for the DOT stroller. Doesn't seem as solid and secure and seems cheaper made in the padding and the design. My suggestion is to not lose your original bumper bar. Wish they sold replacement original bars.

Bumper bar does not hold up


We travel often with our stroller, and overall it has done well over the past two and a half years. However, the bumper bar has not held up at all. It is extremely fragile and the material easily tears.

Bumper Bar


Order the bumper bar for the e3. Came right away and snap in perfectly.



Just what I needed. So good to be able to add and replace parts so my phil and ted just keeps getting better :)

Replacement bumper bay


Bumper bar ordered for daughters buggy that was 'mashed' by an international airline in transit. Service amazing and delivery super prompt.

As well as having the best ever buggy , so good to know spare parts are so readily available

Bar made to Break


I bought the navigator about 16 months ago, and the bar has broken twice. It was replaced under warranty the first time, but now that it is 16 months ago I don't think they will replace it for free. It is made out of plastic and breaks really easily.

Terrible replacement.


Not like the original bumper bar that comes with the navigator v2. Much cheaper, looser and larger. Extremely soft and cheap foam is used I can see this breaking very easily. I only wish I hadn't lost the original one now.

Plastic snapped when checked at airport.


It is my fault for not removing the removable parts before checking, but my classic stroller came down the conveyor with the bumper bar having been snapped right off on both ends. I guess I'm glad that I can replace the part, but I wasn't super impressed since I thought the bumper bar was intended to act as a roll bar in case the thing tipped with baby inside? I don't know that it would do its job very well.

3 in a year


This will be my 3rd Bumper Bar in 13 months :/ not sure if it's the quality of the bar because everything else on the stroller is pristine but this item isn't seeming to hold up.

Bumper materials are not durable


I love my navigaotor but one part of it that I do not like is the bumper. The foam/padding in our bumper bar fell apart after only a month. It is actually just cheap packing styrofoam which breaks very easily. So now our foam is in pieces and the hard steel rod is exposed in parts. They should just make it from the material as per the handle but I guess it's a cost thing. It does annoy me that it is not constructed of a more durable material.

bumper bar


I have no problems with it it was a great asset to my stroller I'll definitely use this again When needed.

bumper bar plastic


I've had the phil and teds double stroller for years. The original bumper broke when the dog saw a rabbit and a fiasco ensued. No one was hurt but bumper bar needed to be replaced. The original was a metal bar and very strong. The new replacement is plastic and doesn't even seem as close to as strong. Will keep u updated to let u know how long it lasts. This why I only gave it 3 stars.



Brought bumper bar as I lost my other one very please too see they sell parts very happy with it



Amazing I brought this a little while ago and it is just perfect

Bumper bar - easy install


I like the padded cover - I need a replacement pad for my handle!

DOT Stroller


I live overseas. We travel a lot as a family and I walk daily with my child. This stroller is incredible with bad streets and cobble stone roads. I will highly recommend this to any family that travels more by foot than by car.

Fast & Easy


Value for money. Delivery was fast! Will order this them again in the future.


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