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vibe frame v2

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Replacement frame for your vibe 2 buggy. This part includes the frame only - the wheels and bumper bar are sold separately.

This product has been discontinued - once we've sold the last, it's gone for good (we're sorry!).

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PLEASE NOTE: This frame is a version 2 vibe frame and may not compatible with your current front wheel assembly if you own a vibe version 1 buggy. Version 2 is easily identified by a plastic protection around the holes on the front of the stroller frame where the bumper bar and double kit attaches to the front. Having this oval shaped protection on the frame indicates you have a version 2. 

Can't say...


The first one broke, and the new one hasn't arrived yet despite being ordered 2nd June!

Vibe v2 frame solved the Vibe1 front wheel wobble


Brilliant service by Josh of Phil & Teds in Bristol. The Vibe is a robust workhorse, which we have taken to Mallorca three times, and run over beaches and down rough country paths packed full of heavy bags and kids, taking mumps and grinding sand. With the wheels and wheel guards popped of (quick & easy to do) it compacts so well it fitted into the boot of our Mazda MX5 2-seater sports car. Our early version of the Vibe has a couple of flaws.

We have owned two Phil & Teds Vibe v.1 strollers (bought c.2009). The Vibe v.1 had two serious design defects. Firstly, the version 1 Vibes suffer from a wobble or judder of the front wheel if moving at anything above a slow able speed. Everyone I met had encountered this problem. We went back to John Lewis, and they were told by Phil & Teds that they were not aware of any such problem. This was evidently a false assertion, as a number of people we knew had sent them back and had the defect improved (but not completely solved). This issue was later addressed by Phil & Ted's in their re-design of the front wheel and bearing of the Vibe v.2. If you buy a Vibe second hand, be careful to check about this, as you will not be happy with a version 1 Vibe.

The second major flaw is the weak joints to either end of the rear horizontal cross-member, which shears off through the thin aluminium metal tubing of the structural frame/chasis. You will find on ebay that many second hand Vibes and Vibe frames have been welded at this point -check closely for this! It is doubtful whether such a re-weld will hold. After several years our old faithful Vibe developed this problem, and sheared at both sides of the cross member, exposing ragged metal edges as it did so. Fortunately our children were not hurt before we spotted it and put it out of use. The Vibe version 2 has the same design of cross-member with welds, therefore I expect that after several years of use, this may well also be prone to shearing.

After buying a second Vibe, and finding it sadly to also have the front wheel wobble issue, I tried contacting Phil & Teds to ask what options I might have to solve the issue. The experience was frustrating, as apparently P&Ts no longer have a technical team in the UK, and the person I spoke to was apparently unaware of these issues. At last I heard about a chap working from Bristol for Phil & Teds called Josh. Josh came around our house and took a look, and provided a solution we are very happy with: at a huge discount he arranged for us to be sent two new frames and front wheels for a Vibe v.2 (no wheel wobble issue), onto which I could attach our seats, rear wheels, & basket, etc. Our Vibes were long out of warrantee, so we were overjoyed to have both back into operation at little cost. Thanks so much Josh - you are brilliant!

I understand that taking on my experiences, they have made sure that help staff are kept appraised of defects, and are trying to ensure the lack of a UK-based workshop doesn't stop them from being able to seek input from their other workshop mechanics overseas.

Customer service 10\10


Bought a second hand vibe on ebay, 3 months later after average use the aluminium frame snapped by the rear wheel. Contacted p&t and asked if they could help (a real long shot), amazingly they agreed to supply a brand new frame and front wheel at 80% discount from rrp. Absolutely delighted with the level of customer service they have provided in this case and will certainly continue to use p&t products in the future.
The vibe frame itself is made from aluminium and is a little stiff, hence the tendency to crack (research on the internet showed that mine was not an isolated case) so pl be aware. Vibe has now been discontinued which again could be an indication of problems with the model or maybe p&t are just slimming down what they offer.

Love the frame.


Practical pushchair. Easy to use. Smooth to manoeuvre. Excellent customer service from Phil&Ted. Thank you.

Vibe 2 frame


We bought the frame a month ago. It is the second frame we have to buy in less than 2 years...both broken!
After speaking with the customer service, we were offered a discount on the frame....but they got confused and gave us a discount in the verve frame. We tried for almost 10 days to order it as I could not be without a double pram and I was going on holidays on my own with both kids (28 and 12 months old). We finally got it,....too late for my trip though.
The customer service was not good this time and we are disappointed with the frames quality as it has broken twice and last time we had to pay around £100

Replacement Frame and Wheel for Vibe Pushchair


Replacement frame bought as original, which had seen light use over a period of 4 years and 2 babies broke ! One of the welds came apart on the frame. Had to buy a new front wheel too as the frame design had been updated. Was given a large discount as this pushchair broke but it was still an expensive repair.



The best frame



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