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Get your luxury compact stroller that glides over all terrain at 50% off!

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wow! features of the smart lux stroller:

  • style & functionality in a luxury stroller
  • luxury, plush & ribbed seat fabric 
  • 3 mode convertible seat
  • rear facing for intimacy & bonding
  • compact, telescopic fold with automatic frame lock
  • stylish leather look bumper bar
  • easy pedal foot brake

what's in the box:

  • frame
  • 2 x 12" air filled rear wheels & 2 smaller front wheels with suspension
  • seat fabric with 5 point padded safety harness
  • large sun canopy with zip out uv sun mesh extension and non-velcro peek-a-boo flap
  • large parcel tray to accommodate 11lbs of baby gear


Tech specs

  • weight - 11.9kgs / 26.2lbs
  • width - 55cm / 21.6"
  • fold dimensions 110 x 55 x 31cm / 43.3 x 12.2 x 21.6"
  • age range - newborn to 4 years
  • maximum load:
    • main seat - 20kgs/44lbs


  • super safe! phil&teds alpha baby car seat - alpha car seat 3/4 view

    alpha baby car seat

  • phil&teds smart lux luxury compact stroller -bassinet for Smart Lux and Promenade Strollers with top cover

    smart lux bassinet

  • phil&teds smart lux luxury compact stroller forward-facing with storm cover side view

    smart lux & promenade storm cover

  • Last chance! cosy toes foot muff on promenade in upright position

    promenade & smart lux cosy toes

    custom-fit footmuff
  • universal travel bag in chilli

    universal travel bag

    for strollers, car seats & more
  • buggy cup holder - hero

    buggy cup holder

  • blocks uv rays! Shade Stick Umbrella Open 1200x1200

    shade stick stroller umbrella

    universal parasol

Some faults..


Bought this a month ago so have tested it out and about. The best bit is the seat being able to turn in to a bassinet, and the hood is fantastic also.
The bad bits:
- after a month I still haven't found out a simple way of putting the pram up after folding down. Folding down is very easy.
-wheels squeak so loudly the baby can't sleep (I've tried contacting customer services and using grease on them)
- back wheels click every now and then and the brake wire needs adjusting to correct this. I have done this probably 3 times a week on average.
-the handle doesn't adjust in height which is irritating
-it is HUGE and difficult to fit in the boot of the car due to the length (note:the pram itself is nice and slender and easy tiger through shop doors etc, just the folded up pram is large due to the frame length)
-you cannot clean the seat easily, it is a wipe down job as opposed to a take the seat off and throw in the washing machine. My seat is already stained with suntan lotion. Although I do love the colour of it.

18 months on and still a great pram!


I love how it felt solid and secure when my daughter was a newborn, now it's gone through several of the convertible positions to carry my toddler happily. Best features are the convertible positions and the comfort. One annoying thing (that happens on mine but may not on yours) is that the pram mesh basket catches on the brakes when I unfold it. I have to slide the basket sides as close to the center as possible to stop it catching...Otherwise 5 stars

Very Disappointed :(


The carriage is heavy, hard to open and fold and does not fit into a car trunk with out taking it apart. Less than a year after i got it the frame came apart! The carriage is not cheap and its shocking that it should break so easily! I believe the company should consider a recall on the product. Really disappointed!!

Lighter and sleeker than all the rest!


Our Smart Lux stroller is seriously the best. We have the P&T alpha car seat and the combination is so much more sleek and light than any others I've seen! I get compliments all the time and everywhere I go people say how much more compact my stroller system is than theirs. Lots of other moms have been jealous! It's light and easy to pop up. I've only used the actual seat a few times, I mostly use it with the car seat. I pull the car seat straight off the latch base and onto the stroller everywhere we go! When we have used the Smart Lux seat it's been great. It is really easy to adjust and has grown with our daughter very well. We've been using it constantly for 8 months and it shows no signs of wear. It doesn't have a ton of storage, just the basket underneath. Our diaper bag hooks onto the handle and then I can toss coats, laptop etc in the basket so it works fine for us.

great quality could do better with small improveme


very versatile, love the lots of positions.using it for my newborn and my 4yrs old as the weights allows it.
not as easy to control as expected. the basket gets tangle every time it collapses which is very annoying

Poor quality


My baby is 7 months old so I have been using my smart lux since he was born. In this time frame I have had to replace both back tyres (leaving me pramless whilst I ordered replacements) and the metal frame has broken making the pram unusable for the second time. This pram is at the upper end of the mid price range so to have it unusable twice in the first 7 months post purchase (using from birth) is unacceptable. Dread to think how it will handle a toddler!

Great concept, but some areas needs attention


I've had this pram for 4 weeks, and although I wanted a pram which allowed my 6-month-old to face me, it can be clunky to assemble.
tye lever for collapsing is situated in the middle of the handle, which isn't quite designed right - as this allows the handle to flex - and would be far easier to push over curbs etc, if this was sturdier.
The front wheels have already started squeaking, which isn't so good with a baby trying to dose off, and in the full lie-down mode, the pram only allows an infant of up to 9kg - my baby has already passed that.
The gap between the front guard and wheel is too narrow, which allows leaves and bark on the ground to become trapped - making awful clicking when on the move.
However, my baby finds the pram very comfortable and often falls asleep within minutes of getting in it. I also love how easy it is to recline - with a simple lever at the back of the seat.

Easy to manoeuvre


I bought my pram about a month ago love how high it is so my bags have enough room underneath, easy to stear.

Smart lux & Unity Adaptor


Best pram I've ever purchased! This is my 4th baby and I wish I had this pram for my others! I love how light and compact it is. The unity capsule clicks in so easily with adapter. Highly recommend.

Almost perfect!


I've been using this for 8 weeks now. After 2 weeks the wheel started clicking, a quick google search showed me how to adjust the brake....problem solved. THEN the front wheels developed a squeak, a liberal spray of WD40...problem solved! I don't see why I should need to solve these problems on a brand new stroller straight from the manufacturer. I could not find a UK customer service number to call.
Apart from that, the product is lightweight, easy to use and fold one handed. I love the versatility of it converting into a pram.

I love my Smart Lux


I bought this item over 6 months ago and I had no idea how happy I would be with it! This stroller is the best I could have bought! The bassinet position is such an ideal way to have your baby comfortable when it's too soon for sitting down. It's compact, very nice looking, not too heavy and affordable! It's more than a stroller! I absolutely love it!!!!

its comfy seat fabulous style makes it perfect!!


I bought it 3 months , & it is the best product with its fabulous style & outstanding shape..

very versatile


We chose this pram as it is an all in one going really safely from a newborn bassinet to a stroller without any changing of seats. This pram can face front or back. It's simple to fold and compact not taking up too much room in the boot. I love my Phil & Ted's smart lux!

Great pram!


I love this pram. I chose it because I wanted a versatile pram - it needed to be durable for walking outdoors on grass/dirt etc, have a large basket for shopping and not have enormous wheels/be easy to manoeuvre. I also wanted it to be rear-facing. I feel it fits these briefs although the wheels are pretty big - this hasn't proved to be an issue. It also seems very comfortable for my baby. Often when out, rather than put him into a highchair, I will just wheel him up to the table and he happily sits in there. I didn't buy the pram attachment, but I did use the lay-down bassinet position when my baby was a newborn quite happily. However it turns out my baby didn't like lying down for long so I had to buy the attachment that allowed a unity capsule to fit the pram and this worked perfectly from about 3-6 months till he was big enough to sit up in the two upright positions. The rear-facing is fantastic but it also can be forward-facing. It is really easy to use (I am hopeless with all the harnesses and clips that come with baby stuff). It cleans well (although I do wish that the covers on the straps could be removed to wash). It is also a shame that a full rain cover doesn't come with the pram, however the hood that comes with it is pretty good and is fine for almost all weather (just not really heavy rain). Two other minor issues: one of the press studs broke and recently the basket has started getting caught when I am unfolding the pram. However, pretty minor issues that haven't affected the operation. The other thing is it does take up a lot of space - however I couldn't get the features I wanted without compromising something! If you don't drive this wouldn't be an issue - I went on holidays recently and it was perfect for staying in a unit. And I do drive and don't find it a problem - I still love this pram!

LOVE this pram!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pram! Its so easy to use, is a great size, and the wheels make it across the field with ease when I am walking the dog. Not needing to buy a separate bassinet was even more important when she was about 5 months old and wanted to be sat up but would only sleep on her stomach - I could quickly convert it back to a bassinet on the go - not many prams allow that. My only improvement would be the ability to adjust the height of the handle but for the bargain price this pram is I can live without that. If you want a pram that lies flat for your newborn, that grows with you baby, that faces you and out, that's easy to push and collapse then buy a Smart Lux - you will not regret it!

Agile Plus!!!!


We bought our Smart Lux in preparation for our little one arrival - no regrets at all. It is great for an urban family.

Does not glide over all terrain


The front wheels clog all the time with debris on pavements or grass.

great pram seat conversion


Bought this at beginning if year ,, my baby is only a few weeks old now but the pram conversion on this seat is great, he lives the it would seem, and sleeps comfortably in it. Would recommend getting seat liner for extra comfort. haven't felt the sleep bag was necessary as have a cosy toes. Whole system us compact etc. One wish for a new model extendable hand rail. If had folding mechanism like promenade would be easier.

Small, cute and very functional!!!!


Been a fist time mom-everything was new, exiting and difficult at the same time for me and my partner. The most biggest problem was to buy a good pram.. The thing we even didn't know what to look for. In the shop we saw so many and most of them was so difficult to modify that you will never even descuver it if you don't have a book of use for it. But this pram is imazingI -so easy to change it from laying down to sitting and you don't need extra space for keeping other parts of it because everything is in one!
Really enjoying it !!!!!

Great stroller!


Love the practicality of this stroller. My 3 week old falls asleep in it everytime. Really easy to adjust just wish you could pack it down rear-facing.
Supermarket shopping baskets fit perfectly on the bassinet so I don't need to wear baby in a front pack whilst shopping (also great if recovering from a csection).
Rear wheels however are just a tiny bit too big to fit through train gates which can make transfers a little long. I do love the sturdiness though when getting on and off the train thanks to the air tyres.

Best Buggy!


I actually received this as a gift from my family and I love it.

Great product!!!


It is light weight, so easy to use. It has soft touch handle and it doesn't smell even with the sweat and dust. The big wheels make it easy to push.

the absolute best


i buy it last 3 months ago and it the best of all!!!

Amazing Stroller


I'm so happy with this stroller. It's lightweight, easy to use, and really grows from birth to toddler with your family. It is so easy to maneuver and I always get other moms coming up to me and asking what stroller this is. I could not be happier!

Love this stroller!


This is the best stroller. The bassinet feature is great (especially because there is not an extra piece to store). I am 5 foot 2 and my husband is 6 foot 2 and the height works for both of us. I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone!

The absolute best!


Someone once told me that one of the most difficult baby product decisions you’ll have as a new parent is picking a stroller. They couldn’t have been more right! I have truly purchased nearly 12 strollers over the past 4 years for my children and none of them checked every box for me and my 6’4” husband. The Smart Lux is amazing! As soon as I opened the box I was amazed how quickly and easy it was to assemble. In addition I absolutely fell in love with the design, the ease of use and the way it truly glides on air. I love that you don’t need to by the individual seats but that it adapts to your child’s growth with its seating positions. The simple to use buckles that transform the seat and the “one finger” layback are genius. Lastly, another great design aspect is that my husband is able to push the stroller without kicking the back tires/bars or slouching to reach the handle bar! This stroller is genuinely one of a kind!



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The Smart Lux stroller still amazes me. It is the all in one stroller. I know a lot of products claim this but this stroller will prove it over and over. Let me start off by saying how easy it was to assemble. I always have my husband assemble everything that needs to be put together, but I gave it a try and it was so easy I had the stroller up and ready to go in less than 5 min.s. The quality of the stroller is one of the best if not the best I've seen on the market. The design is great I love the way it looks. Its super easy to collapse and put in the car. I have a new born and I was able to put my little munchkin and stroller in the car without any struggle (its light weight too). Since I have a newborn I wanted to ride to be ask comfortable as possible and the Smart Lux does NOT fail. I love the fact that the stroller can do 21 riding positions but I love the bassinet. It was just perfect for my newborn especially since we went on a trip to Cailfornia. The Smart Lux made the whole airport experience so much better. My little boy slept like he was at home. It truly is the best stroller on the market!


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