Mother and Baby GOLD Award 2015

GOLD! Best Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair, 2015!

We're proud to announce that our vibe buggy was judged best pushchair in the Multiple, Twin or Tandem Pushchair category! 

"...we are delighted to once again highlight the innovation and cutting edge technology at the centre of our industry. Winning this rosette is a fantastic achievement for phil&teds and Mums often tell us that when they go out shopping for those all-important baby buys, they look for the reassurance of a Mother&Baby rosette. That’s because they know that every product has been tried, tested and voted by mums, for mums, because it’s what is best for their little ones." - Mother & Baby Awards

Travelling with 2 under 2 - Phil & Teds Verve Review

"Overall we were really pleased with this stroller and it did exactly what we wanted it to do. It looks great and is ideal for parents of 2 young children. It is easy to manoeuvre, comfortable for the rider and folds compactly without having to remove the second seat. We were admittedly a little nervous about this trip. It was our first time flying with both children, it wasn't a short journey and we were visiting one of the busiest places in the world for 3 weeks... all with 2 children, both under the age of 2. I would be lying if I told you the Phil & Teds Verve didn't make life a heck of a lot easier for us. We felt more confident with this stroller than our other doubles and that allowed us to make the most of our time away." - Dad Creek

BEST Inline Double Stroller!

"philandteds has so many great inline double strollers, it’s hard to pick to one, but this year, we’re loving the redesigned Vibe. True the Vibe is a single stroller and you’ll need to buy the second seat to make it a double, but it’s this versatility that makes us love philandteds’ stroller. The Vibe has a whopping 23 riding options that lets you stroll with one child or two, twins or toddlers. The new Vibe has a taller seat (41.3” high or tall enough for most 5 year olds), a pedi-saving hand brake, adjustable height handlebar, and a freestanding, compact fold. A fan of four wheels instead of three? The philandteds Verve has all the same features as the Vibe with the added fourth wheel." - Mom Trends Must-have Stroller Awards, 2014

"Even with Brody at four years old, sometimes city life calls for a double stroller to haul him and Harper about town. I have been carting my brood around the city for the last month in Phil & Ted's Verve Double Stroller and it has definitely made life much easier. 

It has accompanied us on trips downtown, being carried down and up the train station stairs and taken on and off the train. It has been thrown in the trunk on car trips to Mimi & Poppy's house in Pennsylvania. When we are on-the-go, Harper takes her afternoon nap in the main seat of the stroller with her best buddy, "Hoppy", snoozing for two hours on walks. The coziness and large size of the seat, along with the full recline and darkness provided by the sun shade keep her comfortable. When it is not being used, the Verve can be stored pretty much anywhere, with its one-step compact fold, (a rare find in a double stroller of this size). Living in the city, you may not have room in your apartment to store a full-size stroller. The Verve has a stand-up fold that works without removing the seats, so it can easily be hidden in a closet when not in use, rather than crowding your entryway. And if you don't have the closet, it still takes up way less floor space than most!

I would highly recommend this stroller to both city and suburban families in need of transporting two little ones. We will surely be using it to treck around the city and beyond for years to come!" - Mama Love NYC

Read the full review on MamaLoveNYC

Consumer review

Amazing double stroller!! 5/5 stars

"Once I found out I was expecting my second child, immediately I went on the hunt looking for the best double stroller with great reviews! This stroller is worth everyyyy penny! My kids love the smooth ride and I kid you not, everytime we go out I get looks and stares from people that are so attracted to the design and beauty of the stroller. They are in awe, and pleasantly surprised to see my little guy sitting comfortably in the back seat. They always say that they have never seen a double stroller built this way. And without a doubt, I tell them it's one of the best double strollers out there. My favourite features are: the braking system within a click of a button, the wheels which make a very smooth ride and very easy to maneuver, and the folding of the stroller which is compact for a double stroller. It's also comfy, very sturdy and can handle any terrain! The only thing I would change on this stroller is for the front seat to be bigger. My 2 year old is tall for her age and it seems like she could use some more seat space. Although now when I look at the pictures posted of the stroller on the Phil & teds website the seat appears to look a little different, assuming because it is the 2014 model (bought mine in 2013). So maybe they added a change or two. Other than that I absolutely love this stroller and will never turn to anything else :) Thank you Phil & Ted!" - Product review by Double Terrain

Consumer review

Chic and Super Functional 5/5 stars

"We've been using this stroller for the last month and are often asked by other parents what make and model it is! The functionality is superb so far- many options to configure for one or both children riding. Having an inline double that folds with both seats attached means it can go anywhere- park, zoo, mall, restaurant. The adjustable handlebar is great too- allows for a shorter grandma and a very tall parent to both use the stroller comfortably. This is a great stroller for our family with both a toddler and infant!" - Product review by Kelly F.

"I received the 3-wheeled inline stroller in a beautiful cobalt colour and was instantly in love with its very sleek and well-designed look. 

The hand brake is awesome!  It makes a big difference from the old designs where you play ‘footsie’ while trying to apply brakes. It feels very secure and does not even allow the front wheel to move either left or right, compared to other buggies I’ve used in the past that allows the front wheels to swing both ways while the brakes are applied.

The double kit is an extra seat unit that fits seamlessly at the back of the frame to convert it into a double buggy and can be removed easily as well. I was initially sceptical and thought that my 19-month-old might be too big for it, but really she fit right in. 

After it’s all assembled we had a nice family walk to the lake and I must admit, the kids loved it. My kids love this buggy so much that if I don’t fold it up they both go and sit in the stroller and start telling me walk. When pushing this stroller, I do not feel like I have two heavy toddlers. It’s so light and a real joy to push. I love the position of the breaks, and the handles.  It is lightweight and the wheels seem to glide along the pavement/grass/stony paths. I actually find myself walking more and driving less with the kids since we got the Vibe.

I adore the buggy for being exactly what it proclaims to be, its stylish, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.  My kids love it, their grandmother even takes them out in it which never ever happened before. Even with my two having out grown a lot of the options, its still worth it. Definitely recommend this to other parents." - Teiko Dornor-Tagoe, Made for Mums product reviewer

Misty and her vibe stroller

"My husband took the vibe out with our daughter in the double kit and son in the push chair and he was very impressed at how easy it was to manoeuvre! I’m also very impressed with this double stroller, it is a good size for 2 x children. Some strollers feel like they can only take a baby and small toddler. It feels very sturdy and also folds well into a compact easy to store size." - Misty, Mum of 2

4 out of 5 star rating for verve double

"Sporting a stylish, funky design, luxurious fabrics and amazing versatility, this pushchair really could last long enough to carry all your children. There are 23 different seating configurations with the verve double, so it will grow as your kids do. Start with a carrycot, and end with a Freerider – you’re really spoilt for choice.

The verve has looks and style in abundance. The brushed aluminium curved chassis gives the pushchair a fabulous, modern look while the big rear wheels and funky fabrics really make it stand out from the crowd.

Pushing the verve is really easy. It's designed to feel lightweight and it really does - even with two on board! Getting up and down kerbs won't be a problem either as phil&teds have designed a brilliant feature they call‘kerb pop’ so it can easily deal with the lumps and bumps of everyday life.

The Brake on the verve is just brilliant! All you need to do is press the red button in the centre of the handle (yes, you heard that right) to apply the brakes, and the larger black button above it to take them off. It is so light and easy to do. I really wish all brakes were like this…" - Pushchair Trader product reviewer

4 out of 5 star rating for vibe single

"Made from brushed aluminium, the curved frame creates a very modern looking pushchair.

It’s easy to push too with three 12” air filled tyres. And thanks to the phil&teds 'kerb pop' design, navigating around any bumpy town will be easy peasy.

Super simple braking is the best way to describe the vibe brake. Located in the centre of the handle are two buttons. The little red button applies the brake, and the larger black button just above it takes it off again.

If you love shopping you will love the basket. It’s 50cm x 44cm x 31cm at its biggest point so is impressively large. It would easily fit a nice new shoebox in there, or a large changing bag. Access is simple from the back as it is completely open so getting things in and out is easy. The basket floor is supported too which helps protect against rips so you don't have to worry about harder items being in there.

Seat wise, it’s fantastic as it is cavernous! This 2014 model has a taller back which measures at a whopping 61cm. This makes the vibe tall enough for an average five-year-old child. My tall three year old still had plenty of room all round. With a width of 35cm and a depth of 28cm most children would be more than happy with the space available." - Pushchair Trader product reviewer

Pushchair Trader Awards 2014 - Shortlisted

SHORTLISTED! Best Tandem Pushchair

Our vibe buggy was shortlisted in the Best Tandem Pushchair category of the Pushchair Trader Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards, 2014!

Junior Design Awards

SHORTLISTED! Best Buggy Design

Our vibe buggy was shortlisted in the Best Buggy Design category of the coveted Junior Design Awards, 2014!

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