push adaptable strollers for 1 or 2 kids

Inventors of the original inline double stroller, phil&teds design strollers that adapt to suit your lifestyle, with baby in tow!

  • NEW! GO_V1_3 quarter_apple_1200x1200

    go™ stroller

    effortless&fuss free
  • NEW! GO_V1_side_newborn_travel system_with_alpha_1200x1200

    go™ infant travel system bundle

    effortless&fuss free
  • SAVE $249.98 PHIL_AND_TEDS_PMF_DASH_TYB_free_DK_and_lazyted_webshop-tile_1200x1200

    FREE double kit & lazy ted with dash stroller

  • smooth rider! PHIL_AND_TEDS_SPORT_graffiti_with-awards_1200x1200px

    sport stroller

    the world's first auto stop™ inline
  • dream to push! PHIL_AND_TEDS_VOYAGER_grey-marl_with-awards_1200x1200px

    voyager stroller

    modular & complete inline stroller
  • lightweight & roomy! PHIL_AND_TEDS_SMART_cyan_with-awards_1200x1200px

    smart stroller

    compact&ready to go
  • amazing versatility! mod has won the junior design awards

    mod stroller

  • you'll LOVE it! phil&teds Dot compact double stroller with double kit in grey

    dot double stroller

    compact & metro ready inline
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    pre-2016 smart stroller (all black)

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