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"We have just re-entered the world of travelling with a baby and one of my favourite ever products is the phil&ted's traveller - definitely the best we have ever used." Katja Gaskell from  Globetotting  

The Huffington Post ( United States)

Glad I bought it

We bought this for our 2.5 year old to sleep in on a recent holiday and were very pleased with how well he slept and fitted in it. 
It was quick and easy to put together and pull apart (you don't PUSH the buttons in to disassemble, simply hold the frame and pull the legs off and they come off without too much effort). ( Australia)

Taika Waititi with smart stroller

Like film gypsies, our family is always moving aournd, and with a 9 month old gypsy baby as part of our team we need equipment that is lightweight and hassle free. We had already checked out the other brands of travel cribs, but not even the Swedes were able to offer something that was super-light, had top and side openings, and packed down to the size of a sausage dog. We love the Phil & Ted travel crib, and so does the is small enough to become part of the furniture and large enough for bub to have fun in. Moving from apartments to houses to hotels, it's nice to know she has a safe, familiar space she can call her own. Like all babies, she is obsessed with electrical sockets, cables, glass, plastic bags, and flick-knives, so it's awesome to know we can put her in a safe and comfy little baby-jail when we have to concentrate on something else.

Taika Waititi, NZ film director & actor ( New Zealand)

HerScoop phil and teds traveller review

Must-Have for Airline Travel and More!

"The traveller was so awesome to have rather than the big, bulky – not-to-mention heavy – old playpen that we have. I was able to set up the frame of the light-weight phil & teds’ cot in mere minutes. I struggled a little attaching the self-expanding thermally insulating mattress to the four hooks along the bottom, but I definitely appreciate the safety factor of the hooks. The traveller also comes with a non-toxic Oeko-tex fitted sheet that feels like a 600-thread count sheet – so soft!"

"I’m so grateful to have had the phil & teds traveller and  lobster  for my travel adventures with my two daughters recently. I stressed myself out enough thinking about all the what-ifs and all the items that I’ll have to take to the airport (car seats, stroller, playpen, suitcases, etc. and oh – I also had my cat to take too!) that having such compact, reliable and safe baby travel gear was such a relief!"

herscoop ( United States)

Taika Waititi and his traveller

"Another photo of the fabulous P&T adult hangover capsule. After traveling the world with her very own house, bubs now has grown very attached to her travel crib. We've put her wahakura in there and now it's become a kind of baby bolt-hole. It even goes across the road to Nana's when the parents have decided to take back the night for themselves. We're now using the iron heart method of enforced sleep patterns so it's nice to know that when she says "I'm not ready for bed - even though I'm rubbing my eyes and screaming hysterically", we can simply put her in the phil&teds padded cell, close the door, and a mere glass of shiraz later, we'll find her asleep in the position of her choice. 

Most animal babies know when to go to sleep, they just feel tired and curl up and go to sleep with little fuss. Look at puppies or kittens. Even f*****g tarantula babies know when to lie down and chill out. You don't see a baby tiger saying "I'm exhausted but don't have any concept of shutting up and going to sleep so I'll just stand here and scream!" You never see a baby foal, rubbing it's little red eyes, yelling "What the hell is happening to me?? I hate you guys but I also just want to hang out with you, but then again I just want to be alone, and I'm hungry but kind of not really so I'll just keep screaming until the thing I want (whatever that is) happens!!!" Just after they're born, in the middle of the night, baby turtles walk down the beach, the equivalent of about a mile for their little legs, get in an ocean which is full of things that eat turtles, and don't come home for a year. They do this ON THE DAY THEY ARE BORN. And without even meeting their parents. Human babies have a lot to learn from turtle babies. So a message to you little humans, we love you and you're damn cute, but until you can leave home and live in the ocean for a whole year without someone changing your nappy or feeding you old people's food, you've got nothing to complain about, so just.... go. to. sleep."

Taika Waititi, NZ film director & actor ( New Zealand)

Mumii logo phil and teds traveller review

4.5 out of 5 star rating by!

"Although the traveller is slimmer in width than other options, it is still 115 cm long, which will allow you to use with baby for several years without them being uncomfortable. It also allows you to move it around the house easier when built, especially as it is so light to pick up.

It comes with its own carry bag that you can pack everything in to. With its over-the-shoulder strap, combined with the light 7lbs of weight - it's so easy to carry.

The dual use of the traveller means that it isn’t only used when travelling, but can also be used daily as a playpen.

The feet of the cot all have small holes, so if you were to take it camping with you, you can insert a tent pent to secure it to the floor. This would also be handy if just using outside during a windy day or if you have older siblings around.

It is amazingly light and packs away compactly in to its own carry bag which has a handle to pop over your shoulder. Because of its small size, you wouldn’t mind taking it away with you every time - it's takes up less space in your boot and is light to carry upstairs to the guest room." - product reviewer

Mumii ( United Kingdom)

Traveller - my review

"Deconstructing the “traveller” crib takes a jiffy, and the whole apparatus packs into a jaunty shoulder bag that slips smoothly into a suitcase or overhead bin on a plane. Why, our baby’s chipmunk cheeks take up more space than this crib! (Those cheeks may even have their own celestial orbit.) What’s great is that the “traveller” can be used for children up to three years old, so we plan to get ample use out of it. The side panel even zips down so that we can insert a child who is too large to lower easily from above." - Lillie, Around the World L

Lillie ( United States)

mother and baby traveller portacot finalist 2015

The phil&teds traveller is a finalist at the 2015 Australian Mother&Baby awards

Mother&Baby ( Australia)

Pushchair Trader Award, 2014 - Gold


Our traveller was awarded GOLD in the Best Travel Cot category of the Pushchair Trader Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards, 2014!

Pushchair Trader ( United Kingdom)


Our traveller was judged Best Travel Cot in the Prima Baby Awards, 2014!

"For me there are two considerations with a travel crib: portability and size. My eldest son Finn, 3, is now out of cribs but when he was 2 we really struggled to find a portacot he was comfortable in as most were too short. The Phil & Teds traveller is long (130cm) meaning your big toddler can be cosy for as long as he’s still in a regular cot. 
Combine the decent length with the low weight (a tiny 2.5kgs) and the clever small travel bag that means the entire cot can fit within a suitcase, be thrown in a car or literally over your shoulder for short hops, it couldn’t really be more portable... 

...I put mine together for the first time within five minutes without consulting the instructions. I found it intuitive and simple. It takes a little more concentration that a ‘push down the middle and pull up the sides’ model but that’s a small price to pay for the portability." - Prima Baby & Pregnancy

Made for Mums ( United Kingdom)

Pushchair Trader Consumer Choice Award, 2014

Consumer Choice

Not only did our traveller win GOLD in the Best Travel Cot category of the Pushchair Trader Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards, 2014, but it also took out a Consumer Choice Award!

Pushchair Trader ( United Kingdom)

Nursery Trader GOLD Award 2013


Our traveller was judged Best Portacot in the Nursery Trader Awards, 2013!

"The first thing which hits me is how incredibly light this is for a full size travel crib - I can lift it with one finger!!! Weightwise it's perfect for taking abroad and is light enough for another child to carry with ease."

Nursery Trader ( United Kingdom)

traveller review australia

Traveller review

The first thing I did before unpacking the cot from the carry bag was to see if it would fit inside my suitcase, and as you can see from the photo below, it fit quite nicely. I’m somewhat OCD about planning how we will get through the airport with all of our luggage + two kids without anything, or anyone, getting lost. Being able to put the portacot inside a suitcase instead of it being an extra piece of luggage seems like it would make things a little be easier. Alternatively, the traveller fits on top of the suitcase with the shoulder strap slung around the suitcase handle, which would be an easy way to roll it through the airport. ( Australia)

Kiwi Families traveller review

There is one design modifications that I *really* liked: The mattress no longer goes into a pocket – it simply sit on top of the base. One of my issues with the previous model was that I didn’t like the way that your child slept directly on the canvas base. The mattress in the new model now comes with a cotton cover so that your bubba has something a bit nicer to sleep on. Yah! 

Kiwi Families ( New Zealand)

Babble phil and teds traveller review

Trendy Travel Cribs for Baby

"Only 7lbs, this baby is easy to tote anywhere! It's not just a crib, it's a play pen as well that is super-easy to set-up. Bonus: the full mesh sides so you can see baby clearly when at rest or unzip to create the perfect play zone." - ( United States)

"The seriously lightweight and compact Traveller is something you don’t need to make a lot of room for when you go away from home with bubs. Tuck it under a seat in the car, shove it down the side of your suitcase, or right on top of the rest. It’s going to fit."

Kiwi Families ( New Zealand)

From "6 Tips for Summer Trips to Grandma's House' at Daily Mom"

"When travelling with young kids, perhaps the most daunting obstacle parents face is how to pack all their stuff. Kids — especially babies — require so.much.stuff. And unless you’re renting a Greyhound Bus, even gear marketed as “travel-friendly” can take up too much space. This is where Phil & Ted’s Traveller Portacot will save you. Weighing in at a mere 7 pounds, this portable playpen is lighter than most newborn babies! It’s compact, too — when packed up, it measures a slim 27″ x 10″ x 8″, making it easily packed in the tightest of spaces (or the overhead compartment of an airplane!). It’s super comfortable, too, with a self-expanding thermally insulating mattress that’s supportive-yet-cushy for even the pickiest of sleepers. Plus, the Portacot doubles as a playpen, which is super convenient when you’re staying at a non-baby-proofed place like a hotel or Grandma’s house. The breathable mesh sides make this playpen airy and open — and you can easily keep an eye on your sleeping or playing babe. If your baby’s older, you can unzip the side while they play, and they’ll love going in and out of this comfy “home base” within their new environment. Designed for kids from newborn to three, this crib is a worthwhile investment you can use again and again!"

Daily Mom ( United States)