We absolutely love our Dash Stroller 

"I have never EVER used a stroller with quality as amazing as the Dash stroller. Being a mom, aunt and sister I have used plenty of strollers and this stroller seriously glides, it really is amazing...It’s perfect."

Autumn outings with phil&teds dash

"The phil&teds really can suit every family. Whether you have just one baby or one toddler. Whether you have one of each, or maybe even twins, The phil&teds  Dash  suits EVERYONE IN EVERY SITUATION.

If you do just have the one its an amazing investment if you are planning more children as its cleverly adaptable from one to two! ( So no new wheels required when the time comes)."

Laura-Ann ( UK)

dash lightweight stroller review from whitney lichfield

The dash carrycot - a review

You need the Phil & Teds  Carrycot  if you are having another baby for sure. With Wes being my second baby I definitely can’t hold him as much as I did with Indie (my first) because I have a crazy toddler running around. It is so nice to put him in the  Carrycot  and take him from room to room following his sister. It is the perfect nap time spot for Wes also, where he is comfy and safe. I can’t wait until we can take Wes and Indie for walks when it warms up. I will be able to let Wes fall asleep in the  Carrycot   and take him inside without having to wake him up when we get home. The  Carrycot  can unclip from the stroller, making it easy to bring him inside. I highly recommend the Phil & Teds  Carrycot .

Whitney Lichfeild ( USA)

babyology phil and teds dash review

The new phil&teds dash 

Dashing about town is not something that usually goes hand in hand with having children. Stuck within the ‘nursery jail’, you sometimes long for a pram that you can whip out the door with in a flash. So phil&teds, the inventors of the inline buggy, are determined to get you outdoors and have added a brand new stroller to their range that’s both easy and clever.

The brand new dash inline buggy has a very simple concept: one buggy, one or two kids, four phases and usability over many years. With decades of research and engineering to back them up, the  phil&teds inline  are optimised for pushing children over all kinds of terrain.

phil&teds makes dashing about town a breeze

lightweight stroller from ohbaby!

dash has easily become our favourite family accessory for outings!

Our 3.5yr old loves to ride in the back seat and happily slots in the comfortable nook under the main seat. Our 5 month old snuggles into the soft interior in the main seat and enjoys the ride. We love the fantastic big hood that shades out the harsh rays. The front section of the hood easily folds under to give more of a view, or pulls down to block out wind or encourage a little snooze. "


Our family takes a lot of walks

Family walks in the afternoon, walks in the morning as the sun has just risen, hikes through nature trails, and even strolls down the beach at sunset. We have been through a myriad of strollers, each one with its own pluses and minuses, yet none really hitting the mark until now. The  phil&teds dash stroller  resolved every issue we had in the past. Great on almost every type of surface, This stroller is leaps and bounds above the rest. One of the biggest pluses is that the tires don’t need to be inflated at all.My little one approves and she can’t wait to go for another ride. Simple to click and fold up, it becomes compact and easy to fit in even the smallest of trunks. If I could suggest one stroller for you, it definitely would be the phil&teds dash stroller.

Modern Day Moms

dash from phil and teds review

dash at a buggy walk!

At the annual 'Big Buggy Walk' in Wellington, NZ, phil&teds took along the dash buggy on a rainy morning to put dash through its paces. Here's what our tester Lauren had to say on the day:

"Loved the narrow design, slightly long compared to my old buggy. Great shower proof hood! Just love it though. Love the colour!"

Lauren & Olivia ( Wellington, New Zealand)

phil and teds dash review mother of 2

Style was another criteria I had to meet when choosing my baby buggy

because I knew I would be using it every day and like a good handbag, I had to look good with it! The Phil&Teds dash literally is a sexy stroller — if I can say that! The gorgeous marl fabric gives a fresh, modern look, while the slender design makes it great for any location, including those squishy supermarket aisles. I also love the under stroller basket storage space, and the compact fold is AMAZING!"

Kate Davies

dash a great stroller

Helps me get out and about!

This year, thanks to our new p hil&teds Dash  stroller, I have it a little easier and this is encouraging me a lot. Now I only regret not having had it before because I would have encouraged a lot to make more plans with them.

Jessica Davey

I love to take walks with my babies, it is so soothing for them and a great gentle workout for mom after having a newborn

The people at Phil & Teds thought of everything with a convenient spot for my iPhone and headset, so that I can listen to the radio or an e-book on my walk, while babe naps! I just love the soft, plush fabric that the buggy is made of.  It comes with padding for both seats that are plush and are perfect for long buggy rides or naps! The list really could go on, as we fell in love with this stroller as soon as we pulled it out of the box!

Vanessa & Melissa - USA

Beginner level parent

Months owned - 3
Countries visited - 2 
Times stopped in street by other parents asking what buggy it is - 4 
Number of broken bits - 1, a mudflap catch caused by a rushed getting buggy back into car moment 
Hours slept by Miles the baby in it - a lot, the young chap drifts off almost instantly, thanks Phil, and of course Ted. 

Oliver Gunning, beginner-level parent.

phil and teds dash review from the baby centre blog

I found that it handled almost every stroller job we threw at it

The engineers have designed such a high-functioning stroller that my husband and I have joked that the only improvement they could make is to move away from aluminium strollers altogether and design a bubble pod that you can use like our favorite Boov in the movie Home.

Since that technology is still a bit out of our grasp, lets talk about all the cool things just the base model of this stroller can do. The base model (without any additional accessories) is most similar to our BOB. Some things I loved right out of the bag were the wheels, the HUGE canopy, the easy and compact storage, and the one-handed maneuverability.

Kelly Wilbanks ( Washington)

phil and teds dash review from mel


The phil&teds dash is a dream to push and is surprisingly light to maneuver.

It's hard to believe that the tyres are not air because they glide like air-filled tyres do. It has a really generous seat with plenty of room to grow into. The extendable hood offers fantastic cover from the sun and wind, and the zip pockets are great for putting your cellphone or keys somewhere handy. As a stroller for one, the dash has a huge gear tray and I can see how it would give plenty of leg room for a child sitting in the second seat. This buggy is not only lovely to use but it looks great with its soft blue colour and streamline styling. I'd definitely recommend this buggy to my friends. 

Melissa Zgomba ( Wellington, New Zealand)

Since Raphael is still so tiny, our main outings usually involve dashing to the supermarket to buy nappies

Pushing the Dash along on a flat surface is a dream and I can say that it rides equally well around town as it does in the park.  

Prior to acquiring the Dash I had been cursing our neighbourhood’s cobbled streets, but now I can cruise along any surface without Raphael having to brace himself for a bumpy ride.  

Anna Villieger

The modern and stylish dash stroller is beautifully tailored for urban adventures in cities and parks

With stylish marbled fabric options, dash is dressed to impress. It is easy to pop up over curbs in the city and very light with a compact 1 piece stand fold.

Janessa, Thrifty Nifty Mommy

The Phil & Teds Dash is an urban double pushchair with many different seating options

...where your kids are mainly situated with their seats on top of the other. It is a versatile travel system tailored for adventures whilst out and about in cities and in parks etc and combines sleek, modern design with functional features such as easy kerb popping!

Sarah, This mama life

pushchair expert review

Like all of phil&teds pushchairs, the dash has a very smooth and solid feel to it's push

Even with 2 children on board, the kerb pop is easy to do because of the weight distribution.

Though it doesn't feature pneumatic tyres, the new Aeromaxx tyres are almost as soft, with the risk of punctures on a busy day removed. The suspension on the single front wheel takes the majority of the bumps, so the ride for the kids is good too.

For parents of one child thinking about a second, or with two children close in age, the dash will make getting out and about much easier. The suspension and Aeromaxx tyres creating a really smooth push and ride.

Pushchair Expert ( United Kingdom)

phil and teds dash review

So while I actually got the dash buggy for my new baby (due in 2 months) it was love at first sight for my 4 1/2 year old

Despite not having been a regular buggy rider for a year or so now, she was super keen to go for a walk in this super styling ride. Given the seat takes up to 25kg, I though 'why not?' and headed out. Not before popping a few snacks in the handy dandy hood pocket of course! She love, love LOVES the giant extendable hood and comfy seats and I like the easy push (despite the preschooler passenger), easy hand brake and puncture proof tyres. I should mention that even in my very pregnant state, the dash was super light to lift and very easy to fold and unfold.

She can't wait to see her little sister lying in the dash buggy soon, nor can I wait to get back to some serious walking, rather than my current waddling state! The dash looks stunning & is even dreamier to use! Love it! 

Lana, Mum of one & one on the way