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Our experience with the Phil & Teds Sport for two

"I could tell you a thousand more things but I think that with my explanations and the photos it is more than clear. If you want to see it and try it live I recommend you go to your nearest distributor as it is a New Zealand brand (in Barcelona is the Noari Kids store ) to see and try it in the first person. It is available in several colors but for me, black is undoubtedly the most elegant."

Little Miss ( Spain)

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This Baby Stroller is Actually a Gift for You

"Moms are the hardest working people on the planet. Which means they (you) deserve a gift that will make the parenting day easier to survive. And what’s the one thing moms use every single day? A stroller! So gift yourself one that you’re going to love using."

wellroundedny ( New York, USA)

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Sport™ Buggy Really is the Only Pram You’ll Ever Need

"Perhaps you choose one that offers a reclining seat so bub can sleep on the go?  Decisions. Decisions.  Thanks to phil&teds sport buggy you can get a pram with all of the above features… and oh so much more!"

mumcentral ( Australia)

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most excellent adventure

"There are many challenges with a young family. The mark of any good product where children are involved is that it solves more frustration then it causes. The  Phil & Teds Sport Stroller  gives parents very little to be frustrated about, with good value, innovative features and kid approved seats the  Phil & Teds Sport Stroller  would be a welcome addition to any happy home. My only regret is that I did not have it a year ago when Liam was born! " ( Canada )

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Top Gear award 2017

"The Sport is a pushchair that's built to last and if you're looking for a stroller for one child, then two with the possibility of using it as a single stroller again when your elder child outgrows a pushchair then this is the model for you." 

Fathers Quarterly ( UK )

sport review - from Stroller Envy

Your child is well-cared-for in the Sport, but you're certainly not neglected! One of the convenience features both parents enjoy is the height adjustable handle. Whether you're a petite mommy or a daddy over six feet tall, the handle on the Sport provides nine different positions to find the sweet spot for comfortable strolling, whether it is you or your "little helper".

Stroller Envy ( Canada)

get up & grow with phil&teds sport

Built for everyday lifestyle, the phil&teds sport pram is perfect for new mums on the run. It’s sturdy enough for when you’re feeling fit and fancy getting out-and-about or even offroad with bub, compact enough for a quick trip to the shops, and works just as well for newborns as it does for toddlers.".

Mums Grapevine ( Australia )

Perfect pram as a single or double

I bought this pram for my 1st born 7 years ago and also had my other 2 girls in the same pram. They all used the same cocoon and same with the extra seat (double Kit) I had the unusual apple green and always got commented on it. it was a fabulous looking pram so very easy to push and turn i could get through the supermarket checkouts with easy as its narrow and the quality was superb. you can take the whole pram apart and put everything in the washing machine for me that's a winner :) its very easy to fold away and to set up. i would highly recommend this pram to anyone. ( Australia)

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buggy training with sport - diet mum feed

"Side notes – I was asked recently If I  recommend the Phil&Teds Sport buggy  and I definitely would. It’s really lightweight, easy to fold down if you want to take it in the car to explore new routes, has a quick and reliable brake system (which you can use in two ways) and great wheels that make it easy to go between pavements and off-road terrains." 

diet mum feed ( United Kingdom )

top gear award phil and teds sport review

sport is phil&ted's innovative & all terrain stroller

"The phil&teds sport offers true flexibility to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you have one child or two, sport allows you to peacefully push your little ones at a slower speed or pick up the pace to jog, you choose! Just like your favourite activewear, sport is built for parks and walking trails yet stylish enough to hit the shops afterwards." 

Gurgle ( United Kingdom )

Made for Mums Logo phil and teds sport review

Score 4.5/5

Adaptable, easy to use buggy that's perfect for a growing family. Easy to push, very versatile, and great safety features. The Phil & Teds Sport is the crème de la crème of pushchairs boasting excellent handling and fantastic ease of use.

MadeForMums ( UK)

Life with the Boys Lately

So honestly? It’s pretty darn great. It’s not perfect but what double stroller is? This is, hands down, the best stroller I have tried and Adam would agree.

I can fit through any door I want to and every single time I take it out, I have people comment “oh! I can’t believe there’s another baby down there! I almost didn’t see him!” She’s sleek.

Jenna - Eat, Live, Run ( California, USA)

nick willis track runner phil and teds sport review

Olympian Nick Willis' adventures with the sport buggy

"Travel has taken on a whole new meaning these past 6 months with the arrival of our first child, Lachlan. In his short life thus far, he’s accompanied us to Italy, UK, Croatia, New York, Oregon and now a trip across the pacific to visit our family in New Zealand. Everyone asks how we cope travelling with and infant. To be honest, it has been really fun. We unload our bags, car seat and stroller from the car at the airport drop-off, pop the car seat into the stroller, and make our way to the check in counter not much differently than we have for the previous 6 years."

Nick Willis ( New Zealand )

"The truth is that it has turned out to be one of the most comfortable strollers we have ever tried ! Both Xavi and I have found it very comfortable and light to handle even carrying a 2 year old girl with one hand. Its 3 large off-road wheels make its handling light and smooth, allowing you to climb up to the sidewalk practically without having to lift it."

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Netmums review

Think of an all-terrain three-wheeled pushchair and you automatically think of Phil & Teds. They’ve updated their classic convertible pushchair the Navigator and transformed it into the Sport, whose chief selling point is its enhanced safety features.


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Kate's review

"All together the Phil & Teds Sport Stroller offers 26 riding options and comes in an array of bright and peppy colors. I love all the options for walking and jogging as I get back into my regular workout routine postpartum. I’m trying to get at least 8,000 steps a day (10,000 is awesome!) to help me burn extra calories and having a versatile stroller is a huge part of that. It is great to have OPTIONS when it comes to moving more with my little ones!"

Kate ( United States )