2014 vibe & verve double kit

This double kit is the second seat for your v3 vibe or verve stroller (manufactured 2014 onward). 

This second seat will fit all previous versions of the verve stroller, but will NOT fit previous versions of vibe strollers. If you need a double kit for a previous version of vibe, please click here.

*Please note that the fabric on these new second seats will be different than the fabric on your previous version of vibe and verve.

Not currently available in this region.

The double kit is HOT! because:

  • inline functionality for your  verve stroller  or  vibe stroller
  • luxury heat pressed seat lining for added comfort 
  • one hand seat recline for a snoozing baby!
  • safety tested for use with a car seat (using  vibe & verve car seat adapters ) at the same time
  • safety tested to a maximum weight capacity of 44 lbs in the front position, 33 lbs in the rear position 
  • converts to a rear facing seat with max weight capacity of 33 lbs
  • double kit mesh shade for extra sun protection (included)
  • compatible with verve strollers or the 2014 vibe stroller only
    • If you need a double kit for a vibe stroller manufactured prior to 2014, you will need this version of double kit: vibe double kit

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