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The Phil & Teds Airlight is a useful innovation for parents on the go, as it is so small and light that it can be packed tidily into its own storage and stowed in a handbag, change bag or small suitcase.

the phil&teds airlight has won bronze for best baby carrier the Little London 2015 awards!

Best Infant Carrier 2015

The airlight carrier is not just a good thing in a small package, it's award winning too! airlight has won the 2015 Smallish award for Best Infant Carrier.

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Product Review: Phil & Teds Airlight Baby Carrier

"The Airlight is designed to fold neatly away for storage in a pouch roughly the size of a bum bag and then fits into a bag for storing. When it comes to wearing the Airlight it is really easy to put on, with just four clips you are wearing it within seconds. Placing your child inside is just as easy. Once you are wearing the Airlight simply unzip the front of the carrier and place your baby inside with his or her legs hanging out the bottom and their arms fit just about half way up above the clips holding the straps together. Once the baby is inside you then zip up the front up as far as the babies head leaving enough room for the babies head to move but not so loose that the babies head rocks or moves as you walk." - miles376

WINNER! Of a Prima Baby Award, 2015

Our airlight baby carrier was awarded a Silver medal in the Innovation of the Year category of the Prima Baby Awards, 2015! Here's what Prima Baby had to say about airlight:

"Ultra light, small but strong, the Phil & Ted's baby carrier Airlight weighs a mere 390g, but it can carry a baby that weighs up to 12kg.

Despite its lightweight design and lack of padding, our MFM reviewer found out that putting her daughter in the carrier was a surefire way to get her off to sleep, so we know it's comfortable." - Prima Baby Awards

OHbaby Magazine have put the phil&teds airlight carrier to the test & given it 5 stars! 

"The Hip, Clip, Zip instructions are all you need to know, and the safety lock zip added peace of mind. It really is that simple.

The mesh design gives good ventilation. Ideal when having him close to me, it also leaves me with ease to manoeuvre.

I thought carrying a child in a carrier would be cumbersome and awkward, but this was far from it.

We're off to Europe this July and the Airlight will be coming with us!"

expert review

"The hip strap on airlight takes pressure off the shoulders which is a big problem with other carriers. Good small and light size so can have it handy to use anywhere instead of carrying baby on hip"

Holly, Physiotherapist & Mum to 2 kids under 3

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Bump Club and Beyond names our emotion, airlight and parade carriers in her top list of gifts for Mom and the kids!

"Airight - I love this thing, it's under a pound! It gets to be this size, which is amazing! So, for travel throw it in your diaper bag or whatever. It's breathable, it's so lightweight..." - Nicole Locke, Bump Club and Beyond co-founder

Consumer Review

"Adapt and survive, its the Phil and Teds philosophy that really appeals to my partner and I, so after purchasing the Phil and Teds Smart Lux Stroller and absolutely loving it, our hunt for the perfect carrier was destined to begin on the Phil and Teds website.

We were instantly drawn to a terrific new product, the airlight carrier. With promises of weighing less than .4kg and compacting down to the size of a drink bottle, it was a product that we would have to first see to believe! And we were not disappointed! With a truly incredible compact folded size, this amazing little carrier could literally fit into my gym bag and take up less space than a pair of shorts! Our brief search for the perfect carrier to suit our busy lifestyles was over before it had even begun.

The real beauty in the particular product for me is in the simplicity of design. Which way is up? Which way is down? Does this clip in here or there? None of these questions apply with the airlight. I simply clipped it around my waist, fastened Brixton in with the safety lock zip and we were good to go!

A concern with such a lightweight product was that it wouldn't feel sturdy and Brixton wouldn't be very comfortable, but we needn't have worried. The smiles and giggles I got were a sure sign that the wee man was as happy for the ride as I was to carry him! 

The Airlight carrier is cleverly made out of a lovely light fabric and when paired with the mesh sides Brixton and I feel as cool in the carrier as we think we look." - Dave, Justine & Brixton

FINALIST! In the JPMA Innovation Awards, 2014

"Great new baby products that were selected from a panel of baby gear experts and chosen as the top finalists in the 2014 JPMA Innovation Awards Competition." - Baby Safety Zone, Parent's pick Award 2014

"The perfect pack for keeping in a purse or car, airlight allows parents to be prepared for anything. Airlight is able to be used from birth as a front carrier, then on a wearer’s back as children grow. Other carriers can have complicated straps & take time to master, while airlight is already on & you are ready to go."