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phil&teds buggy liner in chilli red front view_chilli more info cushy ride buggy seat liner PT-LINER_V6 $32.99 USD
phil&teds go light and compact buggy in 3 qtr view_black SOLD
go™ (2020+) buggy petite inline® PT-GO_V2 $209.99 USD sold out
voyager™ double kit™ base SOLD
voyager™ double kit™ base PT-VOYDOUBLEKIT_V6 $125.60 USD $157.00 USD sold out
phil&teds sport navigator inline stroller double kit in cherry red 3qtr view_cherry more info sport™ 2015 - 2019 double kit SPORTDK_V5 $109.99 USD
phil&teds sport buggy with storm cover side view_default SOLD
storm cover wet&wild PT-SPORT-STORMC_V6 $32.99 USD sold out
phil&teds 12 inch inner tube set_default SOLD
12 inch inner tube set (bent valve) PT-PTubeBVset_ $26.99 USD sold out
phil&teds sport v2 handle foam grip _black SOLD
foam handle grip SPgripV2_ $9.99 USD sold out
phil&teds inline range works perfectly with freerider in orange_orange more info freerider™ from stroller board... to scooter fun FREERIDER_V1 $109.99 USD
phil&teds dash v5 and voyager 2015-2019 mud guard_black SOLD
dash voyager mud guards PT-PDAMGuard_ $7.99 USD sold out
phil&teds columbus car seat 3/4 view_black SOLD
columbus™ car seat ride safe & high in style CSCOLUM_V2 $229.99 USD sold out
phil&teds shoulder pads plain black_black SOLD
harness shoulder pads PT-PSPADS5_ $10.00 USD sold out
phil&teds sport buggy complete front wheel_default SOLD
Front Wheel for Legacy Sport, Classic and S3 Strollers SPwheelf_ $59.99 USD sold out