car seat travel bag

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Carry easy, travel easy! Convenient travel bag for your car seat.

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wow! features of the car seat travel bag:

  • protects your car seat when in transit
  • shoulder strap for easy carry
  • durable, piped seams
  • compatible with the full phil&teds car seat range and many other brands!

Not up to the job!


Positives are delivery was excellent arriving within 3 days from the website purchase. Negatives however are that I bought the seat travel bag with the expectation it would be a high quality product which affords a decent level of protection for our expensive Phil n Teds child car seat. Given the high price of the bag I was very disappointed to receive a low quality Chinese product with an already jammed zipper which I managed to sort out. Dubious of the products suitability, it came as no surprise to discover a 30mm tear in our seat (PU cover)on arrival at our destination. The seat having been cargo aboard two aircraft. Final opinion: low quality product only up to the job of being a dust cover, certainly not a travel bag.

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