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lit de voyage traveller

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points wow ! du nouveau traveller!

  • plus léger que bébé avec seulement 2,8 kg / 6 lb
  • taille ultra compacte & compatible bagage cabine à main pour la majorité des compagnies aériennes
  • tissus certifiés oeko-tex doux pour les peaux délicates (plus de points wow ! ci-dessous)
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conçu pour une légèreté & une solidité optimales, le traveller est également adaptable pour l'intérieur & l'extérieur, avec une dessus maille supplémentaire pour protéger du soleil. avec son côté zippé & et sa facilité d'assemblage, le traveller est un jeu d'enfants à utiliser, et agréable pour les petits.

plus de points wow :

  • le traveller est un lit & parc avec un côté zippé pour un accès facile
  • prêt à être utilisé avec un matelas autogonflant & drap
  • côtés en maille pour la ventilation & la sécurité
  • assemblage simple et rapide
  • chic et fonctionnel
  • certifications de sécurité globales

qu'y a-t-il dans la boîte :

  • lit traveller
  • sac de voyage
  • matelas autogonflant
  • drap

Tech specs

spécificités techniques:

  • poids du produit : 2,8 kg
  • taille plié : 65 x 20 x 20 cm
  • taille assemblée : 117 x 79 x 63 cm
  • taille du matelas : longueur – 98cm, largeur 57 cm
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Awesome product


This is the best traveling cot I’ve ever come across, i used mine for many years & I have just purchased this for a family friend for a birth present, that do a lot of camping.. She is totally amazed about how compact it is, and that it takes five minutes to assemble..

Best travel bed


This travel bed is awesome, super light and small... fits anywhere luggages,cars without taking up too much space! My baby sleeps in it perfectly since the first night we used it! I would recommend it: low weight easy set up takes up minimum space! Thank you Phil&Tedd

Good size but largely impractical


It folds up to a nice compact size but involves taking every single piece apart, so takes quite a bit of time compared to other portacots. Also the side zips are all separate which can be tricky in the dark. For us it isn’t worth the money we paid for it unfortunately.

Light weight easy to put together


Light weight easy to put up and down doesn't take up much space can be used camping or just simply while we are out in the yard with the sun cover best new baby thing we bought so far :)

Seems great so far


I bought the travel cot a couple of weeks ago and have used it once so far. We found it easy to assemble and so light to transport. Quick delivery and good value I feel. Only thing was that it isn’t clear that you get one sheet included- would not have bought them extra if I’d known.

Mostly good


We bought this a few months ago and have used it for 2 trips away. Our 10 week old has now outgrown his bassinet and we aren’t ready to move him into his own room so we are using it full time.

Pros: it’s light. We put it in our check in luggage and could still take our mountain buggy and capsule as our 2 baby pieces on the plane.
It’s safe. I love that the mattress is safe.
The zip down side is awesome and I can see my baby easily
The mattress slip is soft and dries quickly.

Cons: it’s not straightforward to put up. My husband is an engineer and he said he would struggle to do it quickly with a crying baby.
The mattress doesn’t hold the air that great. I reinflate it most days
And it only comes with 1 mattress slip. The only place to buy more is online and they’re not in stock for 4-6 weeks. When you have a spilly baby it makes it difficult!

difficult to put together


The frame is hard to put together. the black "buttons" are small and hard to push in.

A balanced review with pros and cons


I bought this around a month ago, as it was as the only travelcot I could find with a side opening, essential for me as I find it difficult to pop my sleeping baby into a cot which I have to bend over. Good points is it’s light, and easy to put up. Bad points are the mattress is really hard, and there is no way of tethering the mattress to the cot which feels dangerous.
In summary, great innovation having a side opening but mattress needs work.

Lightweight, Cheap, Delivered in days


Just recently purchased the Traveller, after hearing of it from my brother and wife. Ideal for us to leave set up at the holiday house, but easily portable to take interstate and a planned trip to Europe next year. Great product and cheaper than anything we looked at in stores. Highly recommend.

Sensible and so light!


I have recently purchased this travel cot and I'm very impressed with it. I leave it set up in my lounge and it doubles as a safe play pen when I need to duck away to the loo. My 9mo son enjoys spending time in it - I think because the netting is such that he can see through it easily so doesn't feel 'enclosed'. As a recent crawler it's great that the sides and corners give a little so he can't bump his head on the legs. Whilst I haven't yet used it as a travel cot, I am confident now that it will make our upcoming travel easy. The cot was easy and quick to set up, infinitely lighter than others I investigated and now that Ive tried it for myself I would definitely recommend.

Compact portacot


Brought the portacot for a baby shower present. I have one already and love it. So compact and easily assembled. My friend will not doubt get good use out of this product.

So compact!


We initially bought this to use at home when visitors came as it is narrow enough to move when assembled from room to room allowing us to move bub when sleeping. It is so compact and light we have now started traveling with it as it easily fits inside out luggage. So glad we bought this travel cot, would thoroughly recommend!!

Perfect Traveller


You need this for travel! Even if you don't travel much or just go to relatives houses for sleepovers. The small footprint of the Traveller has meant when at houses with small bedroom we can all still be in the one room with Bub sleeping safely. I have at times put a rug or blanket down for the cot to sit on if it's been winter time to stop the extra cold rising.
This has been nothing but amazing for us.
I lay all the pieces flat in our suitcase so it's not an extra carry item at the airport.

Great service


Loving it. Much better than our other travel cot!!



Hi there;

Received my Phil & Teds Traveller , was so excited to receive it but SUPER disappointed to unpack and find all the powdercoating scratched... Unfortunately I was travelling that weekend, so unpacked & used...

Product delivered was not brand new


The initial experience from ordering to delivery was excellent. It was however very disappointing to find that the box had been previously opened & there were obvious signs the product had been assembled before. We decided to accept it in the end because we were about to travel (hence the purchase) & it'll be used outdoors mostly anyway.

Love the travel cot!


We bought this travel cot for an overseas trip. We took it in a test drive last week and it was fantastic. Relatively easy to set up and pack down. A bit more work than you average port-a-cot, but it is so worth it for the size, weight and convenience! It will fit into our checked luggage, so that is fantastic. My 1 year old slept really well in it. Love how the sides zip down for easy access. Overall it is a great product!!!



Love how compact and lightweight the Travel cot is. So great that it fits into my suitcase making it so much easier if travelling with bubs without hubby. Bubs sleeps well too!

Light and comfortable


We got given a traveller as a baby shower present nearly 3 years and we are still using it. It is a bit stiff to disassemble the first couple of times you use it but quickly loosens up. My son has slept in it for 2 weeks without complaint so it must be comfortable! We have taken it everywhere with us. It easily fits into a suitcase and is so light that you don't need to worry about it taking up your luggage allowance. It's still going strong after 3 years and we plan on using it for our next child too.

Perfect for any travel


I bought the traveler for my son when we went to Europe for a holiday and it was so nice to know that I would always have a bed for him that was safe. It fit into his suitcase and was ready to quickly set up and pack down at each of our destinations. The setup and pack down does take a while to get used to but know we are pros. I just bought another one for my daughter to use on an upcoming holiday.

Slept through the night!


Lightweight and the LO slept through the night! Excellent!

Easy for travel


Loved how easy it was to set up and put down and pack away whilst travelling with our little one.

Great product, great service


Very happy customer. Took this cot traveling overseas - very light, compact, easy to assemble & comfortable for bub.

Really light and safe


We are really happy with the crib. Very light. Not hard to set up and the side opening is really a great feature. Highly recommend to frequently traveling parents

Good international travel option


Lightweight and so glad I have it with me for our 15 month old son. We've been able to check it in with the stroller (from Heathrow to Paris, and Heathrow to Singapore) so that's been really helpful. For additional padding, we've put it a thick woolly rug under the cot itself. I know it says not to use other mattresses in it but we also found one that fit perfectly in it and at a place where were staying and baby slept much better in it

Great, lightweight travel cot


We bought this cot a month ago due to the small size and lightweight and have been very happy. The cot takes a couple of minutes to set up, but is very easy to put together.


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