safe n sound: ‘Thank you for keeping my kids safe’

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All of at phil&teds were absolutely gob smacked when we heard about Meredith Shur’s awful experience.  However, once we learned that a phil&teds stroller had kept her little angels free from harm we were elated!

Meredith lives in NYC and about 6 weeks ago she was crossing Lexington Avenue with her 1 year old in the front and 2.5 year old in the bottom when a turning car came out of nowhere into the crosswalk and hit the stroller.  Meredith never saw it coming:

“The stroller flew out of my hands and flipped onto it’s side.  I had one of those instant flashes of “My life is ending at this moment.”  I still get a pit in my stomach every time I think about it.  By some miracle, both the boys escaped with just some minor scrapes.  I truly believe that if they had not been in such a well constructed stroller, the outcome could have been very different.  I just wanted you and everyone at the company to know that I attribute the well being of my children to your stroller.  Please share this anyone who will feel good reading it.  Thank you, thank you.  Meredith Shur”

Scary isn’t it?  We’re just soooooo happy that Meredith’s precious children are OK and the stroller is too!

We’re insanely certified and proud of it!  Please be super safe when you’re out and about with your little treasures, apply the brake when stationary, make sure all passengers are securely strapped in for their adventure, & if you’re unsure about anything get in touch!

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