Nuts and Bolts Postnatal Fitness – Walking Technique and Posture 101!

Well it’s been another busy week here at Wheelie Fit Mums, with a local expo over the weekend where I seemed to run into a billion people I knew!  Lots of past members soon to be returning after the arrival of baby no 2!   Our Wheelie Fit family is growing bigger and bigger and it’s fabulous to see so many of you return after baby no 2 or 3 with such enthusiasm to get back into fitness!  I have added a pic of myself, realising that last week I didn’t put a face to the name, so here I am…..!

I spoke to lots of pregnant mums who were interested in hearing about what we get up to at the park, and also I had a couple of minutes to myself to have a little scout around the second hand goodies on offer.  If you are a Chch mum the Parent Centre baby gear sale and expo is a great way to pick up second hand clothes for the wee ones, toys, and new stuff, produced often by creative and talented mums making everything from bibs to toys.  I’m sure there are lots of these around NZ and they are a great way to grab a bargain and support your local community providers like the Parent Centre.

We had a fabulous night out on Friday with a “Wheelie Fit Mums Night Out” – a delicious Chinese dinner – with our absolute fave thing in the world a lazy Susan!  If you haven’t been out to a restaurant with one of these it’s an absolute MUST DO!  A great way to have dinner with a bunch of friends or mums, share meals as you swing the centre of the table around and taste all the different meals on offer.  It was also one of our mum’s birthdays, so at 5pm, with dinner at 7.30pm I remembered I was going to whip up a cake…..crazy you’re thinking….but I have a secret weapon up my sleeve …Annebel Langbein’s ultimate chocolate cake recipe!  I couldn’t rate it any higher, if you are time poor (like every mum) you literally throw all the ingredients in a blender and put it in the oven…I know…not even a beater in sight, my kind of cake!  And the best thing, it’s absolutely delicious!

Recipe from Annabel Langbein Free Range CookBut on to what I was going to talk about today….walking technique and posture…2 of the most important things for all mums when exercising with a stroller.  There are a couple of main points and the easiest way to demonstrate these is with the use of photos…..

  • Stand up tall stretching through the spine.  Imagine someone has a piece of string on top of your head and they are pulling it upwards towards the sky
  • Stand with your shoulders down and back, this draws the shoulder blades down and back, stretching through the chest
  • Look straight ahead with your eyes forward, your head will follow your eyes
  • Hold the stroller away from your body so you have enough room to step forward

The 2 postures below are common among women (and men!) pushing strollers.  The first shows the body too far away from the stroller, with the chest very far forward and the bum sticking out.  In the second picture I am too close to the stroller with the handle bars too low making me hunch over.  This can occur if you have a stroller that doesn’t have an adjustable handle with many handle height options, like a Phil and Teds Explorer does!

Too far away from the stroller, leaning forward, bum sticking out

I am too close to the stroller with my handle bars too low, making me hunch forward
If you are a taller mum it REALLY is worth investing in a quality stroller with adjustable handles, as this problem is only exaggerated the taller you are!

So your goal for this week is to focus on POSTURE.  Tall spine, shoulders down and back, stand not too far and not too close to the handles, and correct the handlebar height if you need to.  The Explorer is perfect for this! Next week we will cover foot placement and core control while walking….until then a 30 min brisk walk everyday will start you on your fitness journey…Any questions about my tips above, please comment below I would love to hear about your return to fitness with kids in tow!

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