Wheelie Fit Mums Strolling With phil&teds!

Wow my very first blog for phil&teds!  Well introductions first, I’m Nancy and I own and operate

Yep, that’s right, wheelie…not really, sometimes I have been mistaken for having a lisp!  Wheelie Fit Mums is stroller fitness –  tailored postnatal exercise sessions for all mums with children in strollers  – and that’s where Phil & Teds and Wheelie Fit Mums are the perfect match!  Well we all know they make the coolest and most awesome NZ made strollers so we have partnered up to offer all you great mums out there the best in strollers and fitness!

My little monkey helping Dad to put the wheels on the new Explorer

As well as my mission to help mums around NZ get into the best post-baby shape ever, I run around after my own 2 little monkeys, Grace 5 and Tully 2.  You can see Tully in the photo above helping to put the new Explorer together!  Such a little boy!  Grace has just started school, so that is an exciting new journey our family is on.  You can follow my blog to get the most up to date info on how to safely get back into shape with kids in tow!  You might have been a regular exerciser before, or never exercised in your life…now you have a child you’re not sure how to fit it in, or how to get started?  How do you exercise with a stroller?  Don’t panic, there are mums all over the world asking the same questions.

Mainly my blog will be about health and fitness, but there is so much more to our busy lives as mums, so I wil be sharing my own personal journey as a mum, good places to go, stuff to make and anything else I reckon you might be interested in!  Plus I will share all the fun stuff our Wheelie Fit Mums get up to.  Last week, 5 of my Wheelie Fit Mums and I had a professional photoshoot with Tony Stewart from Photoshots in Christchurch.   After the lighting was checked, and the tripods set-up, we strutted our stuff with kids in tow, and took a range of new photos for my website using my brand new Phil & Teds Explorer!  Here are some of the behind the scenes pics, not the best quality, but I was busy being a professional model after all!

Don't hit the tripod ladies!

We did get the shot, after about 10 re-takes!  What a great bunch of mums for helping me out, thanks ladies!

A photo of the photographer

I got a spare second to grab my own camera and catch a pic of Tony our fabulous photographer in action – what a star!

"I'm ready for my morning nap after that!"....

A well deserved cuppa and chat after we finished the shoot.  The botanic gardens gave us the perfect venue, and Christchurch put on the perfect weather!  Our babies were super well-behaved, so all went very well!  Phew!  Keep an eye out for our new website launch with photos from the day, and up coming posts for Term 2 covering postnatal nuts and bolts fitness!  Next week:  …Stroller Posture and Technique


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