2 kids, 1 Mummy and a Vibe – out and about in London

Life with two children is never dull. Frustrating sometimes, yes. Enraging even, on occasion. But certainly never dull.

This Thursday, the Wee Man had the day off preschool thanks to the Police Commissioner voting taking place (or not as the case may be – it was decidedly empty when we went along to cast ours!) inside his classroom, and so I planned a ‘fun’ day out for the three of us.

Most of the fun was admittedly aimed at the Wee Man and Bubby D, since it turns out that even in the space of the two short months since Wee Man started preschool, I’ve forgotten what it is like to have a full on day out and about with both children on my own. Since the Summer, Bubby D has grown far more wiggly and active and far less inclined to be confined within the pushchair – especially in situations containing imminent danger such as moving tube trains, boats, potential falls from heights (sofas, chairs, windowledges…) which probably made my choice of day out a bit of a silly one – we decided to go and explore central London.

The Other Half did look at me like I was perhaps just a little bit mad as he helped me carry the Phil and Teds Vibe over the train footbridge to the Westbound side of the station (and that was the limit of his participation in our adventure, as he then went off to work). But, as I remarked to him, there was no way I was taking both children into town on my own without knowing that I had somewhere safe to stow them both should they require it. Which I was fairly convinced they would.

I had carefully researched our route, and concluded that Waterloo was the safest bet for getting off the tube and up to the open air with a minimum of fuss. Two escalators and one lift later…and then…the walking began!

We went to Covent Garden. We went to Trafalgar Square. We saw fountains, a man who claimed to be able to put his entire body through a tennis racquet,  hundreds of buses and many many boats meandering their way down the Thames. After a morning playing with colourful squidgy soap (its like plasticine…but its soap!) the Wee Man and Bubby D were exhausted and so was I – and then something amazing happened. Both of them FELL ASLEEP in the pushchair, AT THE SAME TIME!

The probability of this occurring is extremely low. Only once before has this occurred, in fact, and that was when we took them to London Zoo when Bubby D was 5 weeks old.

So of course, I immediately went into the  closest coffee shop, whipped out my Kindle, purchased a drink and sat down to relax for half an hour. Bliss!

And it turns out, I needed it…because once they woke up we were off again – up Charing Cross Road, down Oxford Street (where the pushchair became a glorified shopping packhorse as well as a children-carrier…), on past the Christmas Lights in Regent Street (“they’re pretty, Mummy!”), in to the number 15 bus with GREEN SEATS and then on to the Thames Clipper Boat service for a ride home down the river. (In case you are wondering why ‘green seats’ is in capitals, it is apparently the most amazing thing *ever* that a bus has green seats, when you are 3. I don’t know why, it just is….).

12 hours after we set off, we arrived home again, safe and happy and with Mummy, Wee Man, Bubby D and the pushchair all safe and – albeit being covered in colourful soap – in one piece.

Turns out, it was a fun day for all of us, after all 🙂


About the author:

I'm Mummy to the Wee Man and Bubby D, the 'Other Half' to the Other Half...student breastfeeding counsellor, innovation lover and inventor wannabe. We like baking cakes and eating them, hunting for caterpillars and inventorying all the local playgrounds according to how many slides they have. That is how we roll..

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