Taika Waititi & his travelling gypsy family…..

A note about our family

From Taika Waititi.

Like film gypsies, our family is always moving around  and with a 9 month old gypsy baby as part of our team we need equipment that is lightweight and hassle free. We had already checked out the other brands of travel cribs, but not even the Swedes were able to offer something that was super-light, had top and side openings, and packed down to the size of a sausage dog. We love the phil&teds travel crib, and so does the bub… it is small enough to become part of the furniture and large enough for bub to have fun in. Moving from apartments to houses to hotels, it’s nice to know she has a safe, familiar space she can call her own. Like all babies, she is obsessed with electrical sockets, cables, glass, plastic bags, and flick-knives, so it’s awesome to know we can put her in a safe and comfy little baby-jail when we have to concentrate on something else.
taika waititi with phil and teds stroller
We were also fortunate enough to get our hands on the Smart Stroller which has made a huge difference, especially when traveling around the snowy Berlin streets during the film festival. It’s strong and sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to fold out and collapse, not to mention the nice comments from others in the stroller community. Turning the seat around to face you is good for a baby nap and the coloured hood makes it easy to spot your child when you lose them at a pram party. Best of all, the stroller and travel crib can both fit in to the up & away bag. Boom.
phil & teds really came to the rescue when nothing else on the market seemed to fit our needs. The products have helped us immensely and it’s cool to be able to support a cool New Zealand company.
taika waititi with phil and teds smart stroller
Taika Waititi.

About the author:

Taika Waititi, also known as Taika Cohen, is a New Zealand-born film director, writer, painter, comedian, actor and new dad! Taika wrote and directed the New Zealand cult classic "Boy"..

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