phil&teds play ball

It all started a couple of weeks ago, when a few pudgy Dads around the office decided they wanted to hark back to the golden days of youth, a time before diapers and minivans, a time when we had the energy for brisk walks in the sunset, nights out cutting shapes on the dance floor, and the glorious phenomenon that is indoor cricket.

Quality Engineer Mark took on the first order of business and went about getting a cricket team together. Commitment did not come easy. Having learnt our lesson the hard way (who would have thought bringing a tiny human or two into the world would require such a drastic lifestyle change?!), Mark had part-timer’s in abundance, but few committed to becoming a fully-fledged member. Not surprisingly, the “I have kids” excuse was thrown around a fair bit. But that old chestnut doesn’t ride so well around our office – adapt & survive boys!

After a lot of huffing & puffing we finally got the numbers, now to choose our captain. Back in the glory days, this was seemingly easy. But this was potentially our last chance at sport legendary, our last chance to drive our men to victory and make the ladies of the office proud, to prove our athletic worth to our toddlers on the sideline!

The vigorous elimination process was a hot topic for days, but in the end there was one. I came away with the title of ‘phil&teds Social Mens Indoor Cricket Team Captain’, a title I will brag about for years to come. The boys choice may have been down to my athleticism equalling that of Daniel Carter, the deadly consistency of my bowling rivalling Daniel Vettori, my inspiring leadership ability parallel to Richie McCaw… or maybe it was the fact that no-one else was really that keen. Whatever, the point is that I was Captain, and I was entrusted with the job of transforming these lullaby-singing, baby-burping, put-the-kids-to-bed-and-fall-asleep-on-the-couch-at-8pm phil&teds heads, into tough, bogeyman-catching warriors, and the next “Wellington Indoor Cricket Mens Social Champions for the Autumn 2013 season”. An honour not had by many, but desired by all.

About the author:

Matt is one of our youngest members of the phil&teds team. He makes us all feel very old! A recent university graduate, Matt has worked with us for about six months as part of the web team. He also took on another new role six month ago as dad to baby Sienna. He's done remarkably well in both his new roles and we have no doubt he'll lead our indoor cricket team to glory!.