Kid Friendly Kitchens with Natalie from LET LIV

With the lives we live today, the kitchen has become the hub of family life & interaction. Therefore, over the last 40 years our kitchens have evolved from purposeful, small spaces where really only one person uses them at a time to another room of your home that you can be proud of, socialise in & decorate.

As you add kids to your life, the kitchen becomes an even more important place to eat, teach, cook & talk about your day with your family & friends. However suddenly your kitchen needs to be ‘child friendly’, now when I hear these words, I feel like an inspector is going to come and take away everything out of my kitchen pre kids & replace it with plastic Disney character versions. This doesn’t have to happen, you can still live the life you want to, with kids in tow – this is something phil&teds feel strongly about too!

I think the key to creating a kid friendly kitchen – that is also the kitchen you want – is to look for practical surfaces & materials, simple yet stylish furniture & functional accessories. Here are my picks for a stylish, kid friendly kitchen.

Blackboards are great for helping you remember things like milk & lightbulbs or what day ballet & soccer is on but they are also fun for the kids & can get them involved & learning about food, grocery shopping & developing their writing & spelling. You can even get  crafty & paint magnetic paint under the blackboard paint to then stick their school awards, drawings & other gems up.


It’s easy to loose track of time when you’ve got kids, especially when the toast is too crunchy, they wanted milk NOT water & the cooking oil you just knocked off the bench has now been skated round the house by the dog. Clocks are making a kitchen come back, check out these clocks by Karlsson that we stock at LET LIV.


Feeding kids is another key kitchen activity in which having the right gear can turn chaos into co-ordination. I was so excited when I saw the phil&teds poppy, finally a high chair that’s not clunky, chunky and visually opposed to everything else in your kitchen! The little lightweight (4kgs) poppy has both a passive and an active harness which means you don’t now turn around and see your 10 month old slipping down the seat while still eating pumpkin mash like it’s going out of fashion. It’s simple but genius how it converts to the ‘my chair’ too, perfect for if you have a kids table or the kids joining you at the table.

I love how the poppy is like a mini designer chair (but with it’s own big table for those early years!) I can just see it in the kitchens below sitting alongside these modern, minimal settings.

Another feature of the poppy that appeals to me are the materials that it is made out of. As I said, it is important to use materials & surfaces in your kid friendly kitchen that can be cleaned easily because mess will happen. phil&teds have solved the problem of the dirty hard to clean highchair with biscuits smushed into the seams by creating their own material, aerocore. Get ready for this… YOU CAN PUT THE TRAY & THE SEAT IN THE DISHWASHER!! Aerocore is also comfy, insulating, hypo allergenic, UV resistant, non-toxic, waterproof & wipe clean – you guys are super clever!

And lastly, a favourite functional accessory of mine is a step stool or kitchen helper stool. My pick is the Bekvam stool by IKEA. This iconic little stool is not only loved by kids as it enables them to be involved with kitchen activities but Mums & Dads can use it too. They come in a natural Scandinavian style blonde wood but if you search on Pinterest you can see how people have made theirs their own by painting or customizing it.

See, it’s not all Disney & chaos in a kid friendly kitchen! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks on how to create a kid friendly kitchen that stylish Mums & Dads enjoy too. Thanks for having me phil&teds! (All images via Pinterest).


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