6 ways to make your home happier!

1.Put your relationship first- This is number one on the list because if and your partner aren’t happy nobody is going to be happy. Children are amazingly perceptive little things and although they may not understand everything, like us they can pick up on things like “atmosphere”. Make time for your relationship. Make sure you have a night out for yourselves once a week. If you focus too much on your children they can become substitute providers for love, which is an unfair burden to put on any kid! Enjoy your lives together and just let the kids come along for the ride!


2.Compliment each other Compliments are free and compliments make people happy! So why not lavish them on every member of your family. Focus on making your family feel positive about their talents and cut out the criticism as much as possible. Sincerity is the key to any good compliment and sincerely finding your family awesome should be easy – just try not to go overboard and turn your brood into a bunch of egomaniacs! But in all seriousness being each other’s biggest fans and strongest supporters will keep your family happy.

3.Make dinner time fun R
esearch has shown that eating together at meal times will have great benefits for your family. Not only is it a chance for you all to catch up on the day’s events, it’s a great time to teach your kids table manners and social skills. Cook new things together, try foods from other cultures and countries and make a night of it! Why not get competitive with your partner? Have a cook off and let your kids pick the winner – master chef mum or dad? Or if your kids are old enough you could let each of them take ownership of a meal once a week.


4.Games nightPlaying together is the best thing any family can do. It’s one of the fastest ways to heal bad moods and minor relationship stress. Organise a games night with your family once a week. If you have quite a small family get your friends and their kids round too. Order some pizza; make some popcorn and crack open some sneaky beers! Get out a pack of cards, whip out the old board games or play charades (if you’re brave)!

5.Sleep Having a regular sleep routine will provide an anchor for your kids. Create a short routine before bedtime that involves activities that occur in the same order every night. For example, have a snack, put pyjamas on, brush teeth and read a book. Believe or not this will also help you and your partner out too as a routine of this nature will let you go on auto-pilot after a long day at work. Many children have issues with “not wanting to go to sleep”, however it’s best to let them know that they don’ have to sleep they just have to stay in bed! More often than not they will fall asleep on their own after a few minutes, giving you and your partner some time to unwind.

6.Be a story teller Telling or reading bedtime stories is a big part of being a parent and I personally think it’s one of the best part. Story is the heartbeat of humanity. Always look for opportunities to tell your children stories. Be creative and make up stories where the main characters share your children’s names or personality traits- stories of this nature are always a hit! And remember to tell them real stories about your life too, give them some history on their family heritage and send them off to sleep happy.


About the author:

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