Top 10 Stroller Mistakes!

Stroller mistakes are more common than you think

Like any parent “on the go” we all occasionally end up making some less than perfect decisions out of convenience. That’s why it’s important we try not to judge other parents’ behaviour too harshly. However, mindless thinking can sometimes result in the most tragic consequences and that’s why we must educate each other on stroller etiquette. On average, one child dies each year from stroller-related injuries. Practising a few simple stroller safety tips can help make sure there are no stroller mistakes and your child doesn’t get hurt.

stroller mistakes

1. Don’t store your groceries on top of your stroller.

We were recently contacted by a mother who had suffered the most dreadful loss from doing just this. In a battle to make it home through the wind and rain she stored her groceries on the hood of her stroller. When she got home she noticed some groceries had slipped and fallen on top of her three month old son. The groceries had suffocated him and nothing could be done. Resting your groceries on top of your stroller seems like one of the most minor stroller mistakes to make and many parents do it – but things can and do go wrong. Please make use of the parcel tray provided.

2. Don’t hang heavy bags or groceries over the handles of the stroller

Lots of parents hang purses or diaper bags over the back of the stroller handle. This can cause some strollers to tip if there is too much weight at the back. Be careful and think before you add another load to your stroller.

3. Don’t let your child roam free in their stroller

This is one of the most common stroller mistakes! The amount of times I have seen a toddler sitting on top of the hood, standing in their stroller or even laying in the parcel tray is unfathomable. Buckle your babies in!

4. Don’t tie a leashed dog to your stroller

Do I need to explain why?!….

5. Don’t take chances with car capsules

Most strollers are designed to be used with travel systems. Make sure that the stroller is compatible with the car capsule you’re using. Also, make sure that you have a suitable adaptor to secure the car seat to your stroller. Incompatible combinations could result in the car seat toppling to the ground.

6. Don’t go roller skating, skateboarding or be on any sort of device 

Other than your own legs when pushing your stroller.

7. Don’t buy a buggy that doesn’t suit YOUR lifestyle! 

If you like the idea of a running stroller but you live in the city and need to transport your buggy up a narrow lift; don’t get a stroller with huge wheels!

8. Don’t throw away your instructions

I know they’re just one more thing to keep track of, but when it comes to an important investment product like a stroller we should all have a read before we discard them! The instructions will let you know how to inflate your tyres correctly, how to store your stroller and even how to adjust the harness.  All these things are bound to come up at some stage in your stroller’s lifetime,  so have your instructions on hand.

9. Don’t leave your stroller in the sun 

Especially if your baby is in it. If you do leave the stroller in the sun, check the stroller’s surface temperature before placing your baby in the stroller.

10. Don’t pull your stroller whilst sitting on the back of a scooter, don’t keep talking on the phone after your baby falls out of their stroller, don’t store your kid in the parcel tray and lastly don’t confuse your stroller with a baggage trolley!


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