Top 10 things I miss most about being a kid!

People tell me I look back at my childhood with rose tinted glasses

Although I may have something of a Peter Pan complex, I know for a fact that my memories of longer summers, better presents and care-free antics are no figment of my imagination. So I’ve compiled a list of what I miss most about my childhood to prove it!

The top 10 things I miss most about being a kid:

  1. Presents. I know it’s not polite to put this one  first (or ask for one!) but where are all my presents at? I seem to recall receiving a lot more gifts as a kid. Whether it be my granddads pocket change, toys or sweets my chances of getting handed anything  of the sort has plummeted with age.
  2. Bath time. Remember the excitement of bath-time? Baths are pretty much a non event these days, so much so that I rarely have them.  Why would I? I have no toys to keep me entertained and no mum to wash the shampoo out of my hair.
  3. Belief.  When I was little I was convinced that when I grew up I would be a soldier slash actress, slash vet and I’d marry a prince and be a mum to five kids!  Don’t get me wrong I still believe it could happen but it’s looking less and less likely.
  4. Friends. It’s a sad fact that the older you get the harder it is to make friends. When I was a kid I made a new best friend everyday. If I spotted another child of a similar age I’d be straight over to them playing some ingenious made up game. Nowadays potential mates are seen as strangers and they’re lucky to get a smile out of me.
  5. Sliding down the stairs. Be it on your bum, the banister or in a sleeping bag it was the only way to travel downstairs! My legs are far too long now, plus I bruise easily – which leads me on to my next reason.
  6. childhoodNo fear. I used to throw myself off anything and everything when I was kid. Usually I hurt myself but the point is I tried. I attempted to jump off the roof of my house, I tried to swing into my paddling pool and unsuccessfully tried to fly off the top of my bunk-bed. These days you’ll be lucky to get me jump over the garden gate.
  7. No shame. Gone are the days when I could just strip off anywhere and run along the beach naked. Well, I suppose technically you still can but I personally wouldn’t be as carefree about it!
  8. The ice-cream van. It didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing if I heard that music I dropped what I was doing and legged it after the van. Nothing got in the way of my ice-cream, apart from mum on the odd occasion.
  9. Water parks. Is it just me or were they not the most amazing places in the world?  I went recently and it just wasn’t the same. Instead of being filled with wonder I was filled with disgust at the floating bloody plasters in the water. Mini-me wouldn’t have given a toss.
  10. Magic.  I want to look at things with childlike wonder and not question why but instead just think ‘wow’!  ‘Wow the bunny disappeared’ and ‘Wow that man just stole my nose’! I won’t even start on Santa Claus but I think all grown ups are in agreement he should still come to us!


I’m missing a lot more reasons but I’m getting  too nostalgic and sad about my childhood to continue. I know it’s not all doom and gloom, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is our own kids! Having kids gives you license to relive your own childhood – hurray all is not lost! So this summer make sure you go down that water slide, jump through that water sprinkler and live life with reckless abandon once again!

About the author:

Jude looks after phil&teds social media and community.She has a BA in Journalism and traveled to New Zealand on a whim after a stint in Central America- and never left! She's Irish by birth, Kiwi by choice! Jude has been a phil&teds head for nearly two years now. She's the one answering all your questions online! If she could live her life through the medium of interpretative dance she would, but until that day a good book and a cup of coffee will do! If you would like to contribute to our blog or have any questions for her, then pop an email through to [email protected]