Essential Stroller Safety Tips

Stroller safety and the phil&teds sport

Love or Loathe them strollers/buggies/pushchairs/prams (what ever name you know them by) are an absolute essential to get you through the parenting day — now with innovative design and technology the humble stroller has come a long way. Remember the old style carriage type strollers that felt like a tank to push? These days, new style strollers can make parents’ lives so much easier. The phil&teds sport is designed to do exactly that.

The phil&teds sport inline buggy is durable and sturdy, which can be used as a single or adapted with a double kit to take two passengers at once. Best of all this stroller is dedicated to child safety helping parents adapt&survive the parenting world. phil&teds is famous for their award winning innovative design, have developed the world’s first buggy/stroller with Auto Stop feature – mum or dad let go of the handlebar, the wheels automatically lock to prevent the pushchair from rolling away, watch the demonstration video here.

The phil&teds sport with auto stop has just won gold at the UK Prima Baby & Pregnancy Awards 2014, for Best Double Buggy!


stroller safety

Off the back of this win, with stroller safety in the spotlight, we decided to come up with some essential stroller safety tips to help our fellow phil&teds parents out, no matter what stroller you own! 

Stroller safety tips:

When you are using your pram or stroller you should always:

  • Read and follow the user manual or instructions.
  • Use the 5 point harness available every time your baby is in the pram or stroller. It’s tempting to skip this at times especially when you are in a hurry and will only have them in it for a few minutes – but it is there for a reason.
  • Use the safety hand strap to ensure you always have one hand on the stroller at all times.
  • Use the parking brake whenever the pram or stroller is not in motion.
  • Don’t leave your child sleeping unsupervised in a pram or stroller, especially if they are not restrained by the harness.
  • As tempting as it is, do not hang or tie shopping bags on the handles of the pram. It can change the balance or overload the pram with weight and cause it to tip over. Utilise your phil&teds parcel tray for the best storage solution!
  • Only use product compatible with your make of stroller in the correct configuration! Travel systems and double kits have all been rigorously safety tested for each specific model of buggy. For a list of compatible accessories for your phil&teds buggy, head to the adapt category on the phil&teds website. Simply scroll down the left hand menu and click on the type of buggy you own. All of the compatible accessories for your specific model buggy will be displayed, available for purchase.

stroller safety on the phil&teds sport

stroller safety and the buggy fold

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