Packing when travelling with children calls for a certain minimalist approach—but when faced with choosing all the essentials, things can get a bit hectic and out of control as we think we need everything including the kitchen sink! That’s why phil&teds have the universal travel bag available. Designed to carry the key essentials while keeping  your buggy protected, with minimal stress to last you through the whirlwind of travelling. The result? Compact, uncluttered, jet-setting bliss. View more here.

Here’s a collection of tips and resources for people who like the travel the family way.


  • Book ahead! Leaving accommodation until you arrive at your destination can be a bit risky. Upon arrival the premises could already be booked out. Don’t leave it to chance, book early to avoid disappointment. It helps to do your research on line so you know what to expect and you can plan accordingly. If you are still wanting to be a bit flexible, you can always book ahead for the first night or two so you have somewhere to rest, recharge and get your bearings.
  • Travelling somewhere hot with small children? Plan a substantial chunk of downtime in the middle of the day. Fit activities and sight seeing into the cooler hours of morning and evening, with several hours poolside as the meat in the sandwich. Make them happy and you’ll be happy, too.
  • Have some ‘go to’ activities for the kids while on your journey – stickers, a colouring or activity book, a small pack of crayons – keep everything in a zip lock bag that can be sealed. Everything can be contained and easy to get to. No mess or fuss! If you have more than one child, have a go to activity pack for each to keep them entertained and to stop any siblings squabbling over who has what.
  • The greatest thing you can take – whether at the airport, sightseeing or getting from A to B – is extra time. Toddlers love to explore and don’t care for the time pressures of travel, so you’re more likely to all retain your cool if you factor the gawping, stalling, toilet stops and tantrums into your time frame.
  • Thinking of travelling around New Zealand? Whether you’re seeking family-friendly accommodation, where to find a babysitter, family activities, minimum ages for adventure activities or simply what to do on a rainy day, there’s great family focused websites that provide information around travelling – be sure to check out Kidz Go New Zealand and Family Accommodation NZ.

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Montess Hughes describes herself as a mother first and a writer, second. A busy mum of one little girl - balancing her work and life is key. With a background in photography, fashion and design, her passion for fashion stems from consistently obsessing over magazines and fascinating over a fast-moving industry - creative and unpredictable.

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