Snoozing in a Stroller…some advice from a Sleep Consultant

Many mothers in Australia and New Zealand are “Gina Ford Mothers” aka sticklers for routines

Advice from a sleep consultant: Now don’t get me wrong – it is extremely important for babies and toddlers to have a routine. It makes life more predictable for you and makes them much healthier and happy babies.

In saying that, I also feel that in order for there to be a happy child, you need a happy mother. For me, that meant getting out and going for a walk each day. No matter what else was going on, to breathe fresh air and get out the house was super important to me. Mothers always ask me how to do this when you have a baby. Luckily I’m a sleep consultant.

Rules set by a sleep consultant:

  1. Have a good stroller that lies back all the way and is going to provide a smooth comfy ride the whole time.
  2. Invest in a good comfy pram liner and great quality blankets so that your baby is comfy.
  3. You need to keep walking – stopping and starting isn’t fair to your child. It is important that movement is continuous: this will also help your child to resettle in between sleep cycles. For some mothers, walking with a pram can be a saviour!
  4. Be weather smart – do you need a rain cover, mosquito net? Be organized. You can’t expect them to sleep well when they are cold or being rained on. Be ready for all weather.
  5. Your pram must have good storage underneath. There is nothing worse than being out and about and not having everything you need. Pile them in, spare dummies, blankets, nappies and wipes. Don’t forget snacks and a drink too!
  6. Make this part of your routine! Keep your walk at the same time each day so that child always has the same sort of sleep. What works best for most people is to wake up and have the first sleep of the day in the pram and the rest in the cot.

Try to find out what works best for you. Keep a sleep journal for a few days and you will see what your child prefers – they are all different!


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About the author:

Rebecca Abraham, known to clients as a “baby expert” Rebecca has implemented an easy-to-follow and gentle approach for both parent and child. Taught by sleep guru Kim West (author of Good Night, Sleep Tight) she believes she will have the sleep solutions you exhausted parents are looking for. Rebecca has completed the Gentle Sleep Coach course which is one of the most comprehensive and few dedicated sleep courses in the world, learning from Kim West herself as well as top lactation specialists, newborn experts and several leading paediatricians. 

Drawing upon her training as an early childhood educator, infant massage therapist, pre-and post-natal doula and sleep consultant, she has a uniquely multidisciplinary approach to your issues and thus can help you and your family develop a personalized and holistic sleep plan that suits you and your child. 

Most importantly she is a mother to two sleeping beauties Mikah and Rafaella


About the author: