Happy Mother’s Day 2014! 50 ways to show Mum you care!

Mums, Mothers, Moms, Mamas no matter where you are in the world, they are the best! Mums should be spoilt on more than just one day, so at phil&teds we are celebrating Mother’s May!

We came up with a list of 50 ways you can show your your Mum how much you appreciate everything she does. Some may not be obvious choices or grand gestures, but we think the small things are just as important. Take a hint from us if you want to make your Mama feel special & loved!

Be sure to leave a comment and add to the list if you think there’s something we’ve missed – we would love to hear how you celebrate Mother’s day phil&teds friends!


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1. Sleep. Let Mum have a sleep in – trust us, this will work wonders

2. Clean the house so Mum doesn’t have to. Give it the deluxe treatment – mop, sweep, dust –  the works!

3. A big bunch of beautiful flowers. Who can deny loving nature’s bounty?!

4. Cook her a special meal – breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Don’t know a spatula from a whisk? Get dressed up and head out to eat!

5. Bake a cake or buy her a special dessert from her favourite bakery

6. Splurge on a new pair of kicks. Let her pick them out though, I’ve seen this go horribly wrong! Always best to let Mum pick

7. Jewellery! The safest option of the lot. No lady can resist shiny, sparkly jewels

8. A trip to the day spa, book Mum in for a treatment. Think massages & mani-pedi’s (reserve the wax treatment and chemical peel for another time)

9. Surprise her with a bottle of her favourite perfume

10. Organise a child-free shopping trip! Let Mum peruse the stores in peace & at her own leisure

11. Give her some down time to chill out and read a good book or her favourite magazines

12. Pick up your shoes, instead of dumping them in the doorway for her to trip over

13. Do the laundry! There is no greater sight for a Mum than an empty washing basket, knowing all the laundry has been washed, dried folded and packed away. Ahhh bliss

14. Run an errand or 3 – save Mum some valuable time by offering to run a few errands for her. There’s bound to be something she needs picked up, paid or mailed – just ask

15. Keep your room tidy. (Applicable every day…)

16. Do the weekly grocery shop

17. Gift her a trip to the bathroom by herself, without the ready audience

18. Buy her tickets to her favourite show or concert – arrange child care in advance for the night of the event so she can actually go

19. New sunglasses to hide from the headache-inducing light of day after a sleepless night up with baby

20. A bunch of her favourite beauty products

21. A bold new lipstick for a good night out

22. Comfy slippers for an even better night in!

23. New luxurious pyjamas (and the freedom to lounge around in them all day long)

24. A few nail polishes in this seasons trending colours

25. Clean the fridge – surprise her with a bottle of her favourite bubbles or tipple inside

26. Clean the oven – without a doubt the worst, but most incredibly satisfying job in the house

27. Write her a letter about how much she means to you. Or pick up the phone and call her!

28. Pack a surprise picnic with a few of her favourite treats to enjoy at an awesome location – a special place you know she likes to go.

29. Coffee break – treat Mum to her favourite cafe

30. Frame a special photo of you and your Mum together for her to cherish for many Mother’s days to come!

31. Treat her to the salon for a new hair style, colour or treatment – is there anything better than laying back and having a stranger play with your hair?

32. Run her a bubble bath

33. Wash the dishes

34. Organise a movie night at home, Mum’s movie choice of course, complete with popcorn and candy

35. Don’t feel like staying in? Head to the movies and book the VIP treatment, with comfy seats and gourmet food on offer

36. Host a high tea or visit a place that offers a high tea service. A hoity toity afternoon of frivolity for the most merry of Mummas!

37. Book a space in a workshop or class for you and your Mum, something that you know she would be interested in. Think cake decorating, jewellery making or even photography, and take the class together

38  Take a trip to the plant nursery and let her pick out something to her liking. Maybe new gardening equipment, a special plant or a selection of seeds

39. Get her a new piece of art for her home. Paintings or a sculpture, something you know she will love

40. Plan to take a stroll together through your local gardens or along a favourite beach

41. Organise a surprise weekend getaway

42. Go for a scenic bike ride together

43. Go kayaking together – or encourage her to try something new

44. Download her favourite albums and sync them to a portable music device just for her

45. Leave a trail of lovely post it notes around the place for her to find – filled with funny memories and reasons why you love her

46. Blueberry pancakes or waffles with syrup – everybody loves good ol’ breakfast in bed

47. Fill a basket with her favourite chocolates or sweet treats

48. No sibling rivalry! Put on your ‘get along shirt’ and make a plan for no family conflict

49. Give her a day off from being Mum! Take the kids out for the day so she gets to take the day off

50. Coffee or tea; if all else fails make Mum a lovely warm brew with a couple her favourite biscuits or cookies, give her a big hug and tell her you love her x

About the author:

Casey is the mother of a 9 year old daughter and a gorgeous but clingy 20 month old boy. I have enough buggy pushing, nappy changing, tantrum throwing, parent wins (and some fails) experience behind me to write a book and make a movie! I am all about the blogging life and sharing the parental journey from the mad world of phil&teds. Let's navigate this journey together! I would love to hear your thoughts and tips so feel free to leave a comment or flick through an email to [email protected]