Small Wonders

Stylish, sophisticated mothers put glamour into adapting&surviving the parenting world while still looking incredibly chic. But in recent times, an array of adorable toddlers might just be some of the youngest style icons yet. Their impeccable style is taking instagram by storm, with some even ranking with more than 100k followers. Move over Suri Cruise and the Beckham boys, these fashionable toddlers have swag.


Alaia, this little girl has such cute style thanks to her mum, Celeb stylist Monica Rose shares pictures of her adorable daughter, via her instagram account.


With more than 100,000 followers on instagram, little Alonso Mateo has style for days thanks to his stylist mum Luisa Fernanda Espinosa.


The instagram account, FashionKids, created by Brazilian based Wilson Dorigon in February 2012 to ‘inspire all parents and those who identify with the children’s fashion,’. 

What started as simple ‘outfits of the day’ from stylish local children, has gained a cult following of nearly 2 million followers. 


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About the author:

Montess Hughes describes herself as a mother first and a writer, second. A busy mum of one little girl - balancing her work and life is key. With a background in photography, fashion and design, her passion for fashion stems from consistently obsessing over magazines and fascinating over a fast-moving industry - creative and unpredictable.