smart stroller – simple, flexible and comfy!

Mum Rebecca shares her thoughts & experience with the phil&teds smart stroller:

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I can honestly say that I have found the stroller that has “made my life easier”. Many strollers are of chariot proportions. I was determined to find something simple that did indeed take a bit of the stress off having that perfect little life. Something that I could assemble, fold down, easily push and not limit me to certain paths or venues. That I could weave in and out of the tiniest aisles, that would be comfortable but no nonsense. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! The smart stroller is incredibly lightweight without compromising stability. It’s sleek and simple frame is fantastic and allows me to switch from car seat mode, to rear facing seat in record time! I can easily pop it on to any kerb without jiggling my baby around. I keep extra car seat adaptors in the boot of my car, and if my 5 month old sweetpea is sleeping, I just click her p&t Alpha infant car seat capsule onto the smart frame. If I am going out for a longer stroll, I switch over to the verso adaptors to click in the no nonsense and enviously colourful smart seat. The smart is a dream to push, not to mention very appealing to the eye. I can manoeuvre it easily with one hand even through the smallest of shops  The follow the sun sunhood is fantastic and the seat unit is so simple, flexible and comfy, not to mention easy to clean with a quick wipe to get up all that lovely baby mess! I would say that the only real problem I have with the smart is the incredible temptation to purchase various different colour seats and hoods!!   

smart mesh seat: 5 stars!
This is a must have! For next to nothing I have a wonderfully cool seat unit with all over ventilation for those very hot summer days. I have never seen anything else like this on the market and I am constantly getting comments about what a great idea it is. My little one thinks so too!

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Thanks for sharing your review Rebecca. We are loving the hot pink sunhood. Your little ones are pretty adorable too – happy strolling!

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