phil&teds dash review

Months owned – 3

Countries visited – 2

Times stopped in street by other parents asking what buggy it is – 4

Number of broken bits – 1, a mudflap catch caused by a rushed getting buggy back into car moment

Hours slept by Miles the baby in it – a lot, the young chap drifts off almost instantly, thanks Phil, and of course Ted

Right, so after 3 months of ownership I’ve decided to write a review about our buggy which is made by the good people at phil&teds and is of the dash variety.  Firstly, I am not a buggy expert nor even a parenting whizz, our son Miles is our first and the dash is our first buggy so switch off now if you were after a gurus opinion. I should also add that I didn’t actually want this buggy, my wife chose it, she was drawn in by its good looks, stylish touches and the fact that “the grey marl fabric matches our sofa”. I wanted the mountain buggy urban jungle but was overruled as that wasn’t able to match our sofa and I decided there were other battles to win in the war of new parenthood. That said, despite my longing for an Urban Jungle – I even saw one in the park last week, the Dash has been a star performer in our first few months of parenting.  Guessing it would be easy to start with the bits I like the most…  Ridiculously easy turning circle It spins round effortlessly, this is important for me as it not only keeps me entertained while out walking but has proved vital in settling an angry baby. Plus I’ve often felt that “I’m in the way” when going anywhere in a buggy and the ability to manoeuvre around town and in shops is a real help.  Going up and down kerbs this sounds like a silly thing to like, or even to mention, but I was tasked with “driving” another friends buggy and couldn’t believe how heavy / unbalanced it felt compared to the dash.  Design / usability It does look quite cool, well as cool as an infants transportation system could do, I’ve had people come up to me and ask what it is, my wife even had one “that isn’t a buggy, it’s a fashion statement“, the latter is even more impressive given that we’ve been out looking far from fashionable as sleep deprived parents with embarrassing milk stains that you are never sure quite when they appeared.

The fact that we didn’t have to buy a new car lot’s of our friends bought a larger car when their baby arrived, we obviously wanted to avoid that if we could. The dash fits fine in our Peugeot 207 (a small car) if we remove the wheel and can even but the bassinet on top of it. I’m sure people would say “taking the wheel on / off every time is a hassle” well it is but we’re happier doing this than buying a new car. We’ve also put it in a Golf, where it fits without having to take the wheel off, and also a Fiat 500L which we rented on holiday. So, I guess what I’m trying to get to here is that, despite it looking pretty big when it is out and about, the folding mechanism makes it small enough to fit in a pretty small car. If a Peugeot or Golf isn’t at the end of the car spectrum, I’m sure it’ll also fit in a Rolls Royce or Bentley as well!  I don’t need 3 hands to use it. I’ve heard that a lot from other parents when describing the abject terror of getting baby into and out of car in a supermarket car park.  The folding mechanism goes down in one movement, a roll up of the seat bar with your right hand and then a flicking / turning of the dial thing with your left and sort of lifting it up. Sounds very complicated but it is easy. Putting it back up you can do one handed, it’s got a catch / clip on the side which just needs opening and it sort of pops open. Also should probably be said the hand brake is really good, not only is it red and looks like something off a rocket ship (I have a vivid imagination) but is so much easier than a foot brake, sounds like a silly thing doesn’t it but I promise you it isn’t once you’ve used both.  You can probably see the dash has won me over, the way it is designed makes it really easy to use and I guess it just makes the tasks of taking a baby outside a bit easier, which after 2 hours of sleep, is pretty much invaluable.

Right so, I guess there has to be something I don’t like about it…  Adapters I don’t really know if there is a universal adapter that could be used for both the car seat and the bassinet. Admittedly swapping them over isn’t really a hassle, although I’ve put the left one on the right and vice versa so many times, despite them having a clear L and R on them, I just wondered if there was one that could work with both. It would only save seconds in practice.  I don’t really think there is much else I could say to be honest, the build quality suggests it’ll last longer than we’d ever use it for and thus far has been really easy to use and done everything we’ve asked of it, except go through dry sand on a beach…

Review by Oliver Gunning, beginner-level parent.


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