Tough terrain is no match for the phil&teds sport!

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Meet phil&teds sport apple! Or as I like to call it my personal mountain goat!

Not much can handle the extreme elements of red rocks in wellington, the houses are corroded, the rocks gnarled and my shoes are as muddy as can be. But my new sport seems to tackle it just fine! Red rocks is one of New Zealand’s most dramatic settings- where the sea, wind and rocks meet violently. It is most definitely our favourite place to adventure with all sorts around every corner- seal colonies, dramatic landscapes, and the cool fresh west coast air!

With a tray full of snacks the first adventure took us straight up a hill. Luckily the sport has air filled tyres to make my job easier! While chanting “we can’t go under it – we can’t go through it… we’ll have to go over it!” we tackled that hill billy goat gruff style. Cars struggle to drive along this track, but this little buggy seems to work just fine! (I bet they were jealous).


sport apple 2.JPG

Next port of call – the rock pools, for some serious inspection! My new sport air filled tyres have never let me down – tackling the terrain with the smoothest push possible allowing me to get to the prime rock pool! Because that’s where the magic happens (and yes we did hit the jackpot! a crab!)

sport apple 3.JPG

Rubys FAVOURITE game is to find the prettiest rock – so she sits giggling while I run around trying to find the best stones – which just end up being tossed into the sea!

I would have called you crazy if you said I would be still walking this trek with a 2 year old! Pushing over sand, rocks, mud and seaweed – but now I can happily say yes to any terrain! (and to that little face!)

sport apple 4.JPG

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