A dot travel system – the ultimate 1 or 2 child solution!

A dot travel system – the ultimate 1 or 2 child solution!

Here at phil&teds we’re parents too. We understand the day to day challenges you’re going to face as a parent so we make clever products to solve these problems. 1 child is complicated, and super rewarding. When you have 2 children, the reward doubles, but parenting becomes a bit more uhh, perplexing. The dot travel system is definitely going to help you when you find yourself facing the 2 child conundrum.

phil and teds dot travel system birgitteataera

dot travel system with alpha – Photo credit: @birgitteataera

First, let’s address the obvious question: what is a travel system?

“A travel system is an infant car seat and buggy combined” – From The phil&teds Parenting Dictionary.

Simply connect your alpha infant car seat to the buggy with a pair of adaptor clips – usually sold separately. It saves you having to remove the child from the car seat when it’s time to get out and about. A travel system is a convenience thing for short trips out and about with baby.

Why is a travel system a great feature?

There are a few reasons why a travel system is a great feature. Today we’re only going to talk about one.

A child will often rest in a car seat

Children love the white noise produced by a car. It causes some babies to nod off immediately. You may have heard your friends talk about it before. ‘I’ve tried everything and the only thing that works is driving my child around the block at 3am’.

Having a buggy like dot that converts to a travel system makes it super easy to move baby from car to buggy, without disturbing them!

Picture this:

You’re getting ready to head out. You put your child into the car seat, clip the car seat into the base and head off. Within minutes baby has fallen asleep – something she hasn’t done properly in days.

Once you’ve reached your destination you couldn’t possibly think of anything worse than disturbing your child’s peaceful slumber. Undoing the straps and pulling baby out would be a sure fire way to wake her up!

This is where the dot travel system excels.

You reach into the boot of your car, unfold the buggy, unclip the car seat from its base, lift it off and pop it onto the buggy. Baby remains content in dream land while you’ve effortlessly transferred them, ready to run your errands.

phil and teds dot travel system misscrazyhappiness

dot travel system with double kit attached – Photo credit: @misscrazyhappiness

Any phil&teds inline buggy can do this.

What’s so special about the dot travel system then?

dot comes with a double kit straight out of the box, meaning that it’s ready for 2 children immediately! Clip a car seat on as a travel system and use the double kit for your toddler. Your toddler will have tonnes of fun riding in the back seat while baby is up top in the car seat.

phil and teds dot double kit with dog monalainiala

dot with double kit attached – Photo credit: @monalainiala

dot is packed with other features and is one of our most popular inline buggies. alpha – our safe & lightweight infant car seat is available for hire in New Zealand and is sold on the phil&teds webshop.

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