An award winning clip on high chair that’s named after a crustacean

lobster is phil&teds clip on high chair

The parenting day presents many challenges that we as parents have to handle on a daily basis. At phil&teds we’re parents too so we make clever products to solve every day challenges. All of our products are innovative and adapt in some way to your changing lifestyle. That’s why we invented lobster, a clip on high chair that’s as cool as a crustacean.

clip on high chair lobster in kitchen @thehartcollective

lobster on a kitchen counter – Photo credit: @thehartcollective

What’s so special about lobster?

lobster is a clip on high chair that uses special discreet clamps that fit onto most surfaces. It also has removable fabric that’s easy to wash and will fit into your handbag or parcel tray.

Why would I use lobster?

lobster is a multipurpose clip on high chair. If you live in an apartment or tiny house where space is a premium, lobster is the choice for you. Why? lobster folds flat and can be stored away. It’s so small it will fit in small discreet nooks and crannies around the house!

clip on high chair lobster in a bag

lobster’s compact fold is its best feature – it literally folds flat! It will fit in:

  • A small drawer
  • A diaper bag
  • Your strollers gear tray
  • Under the front seat of the car
  • Insert miscellaneous nook or cranny here

Every tiny house needs a lobster. Every caravan needs a lobster. Have you got a skoolie? You’ll definitely benefit from having a lobster.

lobster is a clip on high chair that will fit in your handbag and diaper bag.

It’s difficult choosing a cafe or restaurant with a baby during rush hour. Why? Because the tables are full, making it hard to squeeze a high chair in, or all the high chairs are in use! With lobster, you can use your own clip on high chair that baby is familiar with. It’s much better than using the restaurant high chair that could still be dirty from the last child. Also, if you have twins you no longer have to dread going to a restaurant. Most diaper bags will fit 2 lobsters making feeding twins on the go, easy. lobster is great for visiting friends too!

clip on high chair lobster cafe decision @mrsbennigson

making important decisions in lobster –
Photo credit: @mrsbennigson

Here’s an idea, when you fold your stroller, leave lobster in the parcel tray and it will sit concealed and not take up any extra space in the house at all.

A clip on high chair that’s easy to clean!

lobster has a removable fabric set that can be put in a wash cycle as easily as it can be hosed down. The 600d fabric is tough and easy to clean.

Here’s how to use lobster:

  1. Take it out of the box
  2. Remove the handy carry bag
  3. Flick it to expand the seat bottom
  4. Unscrew the clamps
  5. Place the tray on the surface
  6. Tighten the clamps on the surface
  7. Put baby in lobster ready to chow down

It’s actually that simple.

Here’s a video demonstration from Popsugar Moms:

lobster is perfect for camping too!

Camping can be one of the most intense experiences you have as a parent. Suddenly you are thrust into a world that does not contain any of the comforts of home. What are you going to do when the child poops? How are you going to bath them? Where are you going to feed your small human? We can’t answer all of these questions but we can certainly help you with the feeding aspect of it.

clip on high chair lobster picnic table 2 children @brextonbusch

A lobster picnic –
Photo credit: @brextonbusch

lobster fits onto most picnic tables. If your camping ground has a picnic table, simply clip on your high chair (with its tray) and pop baby into it.

lobster is the most compact clip on high chair available. It’s adaptable to so many situations, is ultra portable and has won multiple awards for its design.

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