A stroller for a tall person – 3 must have features

Being a tall person produces a whole new set of challenges that normal people simply don’t understand

These problems are real. Any tall person knows what it’s like to buy clothes, to fit into public transport and no leg room on long haul flights. Have you ever been shoe shopping and had to screen the store by asking the attendant ‘what have you got in size 12?’ And then being presented with the 4 pairs from last season and a wait list for this year?

It’s real.

@blondegiraffe_ phil and teds sport tall person problems

sport – Photo credit: @blondegiraffe_

Of course being tall has its advantages. This is by no means a tall person complaining about natures genetic gift. It’s an objective look into the world of being a tall parent, and buying parenting goods.

Everyday consumer goods are generally not suited for us tall people. When you’ve got a baby on the way you’re going figure this out the hard way. The biggest challenge I faced was finding a stroller that I could comfortably push.

Tall person tip #1 – Avoid strollers with ANY reference to ‘compact’

Read the marketing material. If it’s been sold to you as a ‘compact stroller’ then it means it’s going to be small. Here is the definition of compact from Dictionary.com:


[adjective kuh m-pakt, kom-, kom-pakt; verb kuh m-pakt; noun kom-pakt] 

designed to be small in size and economical in operation.

It seems straight forward, but I don’t know how many times I’ve been caught out by this. I probably skim over it and then look at the pictures. Who am I kidding, of course I skim over the facts. I got caught out going into the retailer to actually look at the product.

Though, there were a few compact strollers that I could confidently use. They all had adjustable handlebars!

Tall person tip #2 – Adjustable handlebars are you friend

Hubby and I were scouting for strollers online for a month before we started going into retailers. Maybe it’s because we’re millenials? Once we’d finally got into the retailer we were amazed at how much height you get from a handlebar at full extension. In some strollers it was several inches, which was the difference between good and bad posture. So, rather than ruling out strollers, we found that an adjustable handlebar could save the day.

Tall person tip #3 – Foot brakes can be tricky

Let’s face it; we tower over every stroller which makes it difficult to see our feet under the handlebar. For this reason I really like hand brakes – the clip type on the side of the frame. I tried the AutoStop brake on the sport stroller which was also great.

@blondegiraffe_ phil and teds sport tall person

sport – Photo credit: @blondegiraffe_

These all seem like trivial features to look at but they were the 3 biggest things that sold me on my stroller. In the end I purchased a sport. It suited my lifestyle, was the right size and it was easy to push.

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