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bebe hs baby car seat

bebe hs car seat works wonders keeping baby snug, secure & ...asleep! Groovy bebe!

Not currently available in this region.


It's HOT because:

  • high sides for superior impact protection
  • rear facing capsule for safety assurance
  • suitable for newborn to 9 months, or maximum weight limit of 13kg
  • full range of click & ride travel systems (sold separately) 
  • compatible with phil&teds classic, sport, dash, explorer, hammerhead, s3, dot and navigator buggies using travel system 1
  • compatible with phil&teds vibe and verve using travel system 7
  • compatible with phil&teds smart using travel system 18  
  • compatible with phil&teds promenade using travel system 24


Not all car seats will be an ideal fit for your car. We recommend you purchase your car seat through a local store where possible to try before you buy! 


* bebe hs™ car seat is not available in France, Australia, the USA, Canada or our 'rest of world' markets.

* La gamme de siege de sieges auto phil&teds n'est pas disponible a la vente en France.