"One of my favorite features of this bassinet is that it has 2 sturdy handles which allow you to move the bassinet from room to room (you can also purchase an optional stand for it from phil & teds). Since we live in a townhouse, this makes it easy for me to carry Gideon to whatever floor I’m on, without waking him up. It comes with two fitted sheets so if you’re traveling and one gets dirty, you’ll have a backup. It also comes with a bug net so you can use the bassinet outside — we spend a lot of time outdoors once the weather is nice, so I’m really excited that it comes with that feature!"

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JPMA 2015 finalist

Truly a great bassinet for infants! We were able to sleep our daughter during our month long summer road trip. Through various hotel rooms and relative's homes, our daughter was able to count on the unchanging bed for her sleep/nap times. It is incredibly easy to set up and tear down